The John Johnsons

From early 80's the John Johnsons have had trouble with their mail. There were four John Johnsons-not related. In town there were John E. Johnson, Conductor, a John E. Johnson, Lumberman, (of Crane-Johnson Co.), and often John E. Johnson would appear as voting twice in school elections. There was another John E. Johnson, east, and John Johnson, west.

JOHN E. JOHNSON, Conductor,-John Elif 01854-1903), born at Vexio, Sweden; came to U. S. as a small boy, worked on railroad in 1870's, married Wilhelmina ("Minnie") Johanson of Sweden, who died 1951 at about 84 years. He was 1st conductor on 1st railroad to Cooperstown, 1883. Children: Verner, Mrs. Lief (Edith) Almklov; May or Mae (1896-1955), taught 25 years in Seattle; Everett ("Pat"), Manley-WWI.

JOHN ENGEN "East" Johnson (1863-1950) who came to Griggs  County 1881 with bros. Carl, Ben and sister Mr. A. A. Fluto, and Mrs. Johnson (1869-1931), born at Lien, Minnesota, lived in Sheyenne River Valley. Children: Bertha, Joseph, Ernest, Albert, Mrs. J. O. (Hilda) Amundson, Mrs. T. J. (Cora) Huso, Mrs. Martin E. Hjelseth  ( -1937) and Oliver.

JOHN E. (Lumberman) JOHNSON (1855-1928), born at Hardanger, Norway; homesteaded near Lee, to Griggs 1885, was with Crane Johnson Co. Wife, Mrs. Sarah A. (1857-1920) Johnson.

JOHN "West" JOHNSON and MRS. ELNA JOHNSON. Children: Mrs. Clifford (Lilly) Hill, Richard "Dick" (flyer), Mrs. Clarence (Vina) Njaa, Margaret, Roger, Carl, Ann, Adolph, Kermit.

Source:  Cooperstown Diamond Jubilee 1882-1957 Page 60

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