W. T. McCulloch Family

WILLIAM THOMAS McCULLOCH (1842_1924), born at Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, the son of James and Elizabeth McCulloch, moved to Perth County, Ontario and lived there until 1866; married, 1866, Sarah A. Sansburn (1848-1908), daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth Sansburn, came to Sanborn, North Dakota 1880; was carpenter there for Cooper, 1881, and for others in Griggs. He was active in local school district, Populist Movement and served in North Dakota Legislature. Children.

JAMES A. (1869-1927), married 1903, Helen Rothert (1883- ). Children: Gordon and Royal.

ELIZABETH J. (1871- ), married 1899, George Pratt. Children: Floyd Pratt, married daughter of Alfred Langford;-2 children, Bernice, married Alfred Brudvig-2 children.

WILLIAM A. (1873-1947), married Mary Tuftland, 1905. Children: Mrs. Alex (Irene) Clipper; Leonard, married Lois Langford-no children.

GRAHAM (1876-1957), married Edith Erickson in 1905. Children: George, married Esther Linden; Wallace, married Sylvia S. Jensen; Richard.

MARGARET (1878- ), married, 1902, Joe Bailey. Children: Hazel and Robert.

NORMAN (1883-1922), born near Jessie, North Dakota, married Mrs. Georgians McDaniel Tipton, widow of a Baptist Minister. Her children: Bert and Winona Tipton.

BROTHERS OF WILLIAM McCULLOCH: James (1864-1899), born at St. Mary's, Canada; John, youngest brother of William

COUSINS OF WM.: Joe McCulloch (fathers were brothers), married Josie Haskell, 1888, died in 1912 in Sask., Canada.

OTHER COUSINS: Sinclairs, Bothwell, Herb. Church, Robert Martin, all from St. Mary's, Canada.

Source:  Cooperstown Diamond Jubilee 1882-1957 Page 61

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