General Committee

Roy Solberg

Carrol Torgerson

Pageant Committee

James Cussons

Russel Edland

Since preparation and planning of the proper observance of a 75th anniversary entails much time and work, it was well that Roy Solberg, president of the Commercial Club, laid the ground work in 1956 for the organization which is now functioning in presenting this Jubilee. After taking the office of president of this civic club in 1957 Carrol Torgerson has shouldered the responsibility which this position necessitates.

Cover Sketch by Mylo Dale Quam

Front row - Clarence Arneson, C. P. Dahl, Oscar Tang.

Back row - Roy Solberg, Carrol Torgerson, Harold Burk.

Parade: C. Arneson, Chairman, Ed Reiten, H. Saxerud, Roy Christianson, John F. Erickson, Art Anderson, Frank Olson.

Antiques & Souvenirs: Alma Brown, Chairman, Otto Marquardt, Martin Frigaard, Omund Soma.

Brothers of the Brush: Oscar Tang, Chairman, Bob Mack, Eddie Zutter, AI Loder, Arnold Skofstad.

Decorations: Willis Nilson, Chairman, Deland Marson, H. W. Hildre, Ralph Bender.

Sisters of the Swish: Mrs. A. C. Loder, Chairman, Mrs. J. Ashland, Mrs. C. Pramhus, Mrs. G. Brown, Mrs. J. Mrozla, Mrs. V. Kirkeby, Mrs. M. Skolfield, Mrs. E. Vogt, Mrs. F. Bednar, Mrs. P. Haerter, Mrs. Edith Tang.

Honor Banquet: Roy L. Solberg, Chairman, Molly Moe, Selma Tang, Gus Hanson, Mrs. Nets Lunde, Louie Olson.

Bands & Dance: Carrol Torgerson, Chairman, Elton Oppegard, Don Loder, Kenneth Hagen, Leon Sayer

Fire Department: Elmer Kjormoe, K. Odegaard.

Lighting & Sound: George Reed, Chairman, Gordon Solee, Kenneth Hagen, Bob Allen, Bill Barr. William Nelson.

Photography: G. Trautman, Chairman, Gordon Solee Norman Hoel, Willis Nilson.

Carnival: Carl Johnson, Tom Irgens, Bob Allen Chairman, S. Gorseth, Bob Adam.

Construction: Ben Fink, Chairman, Fred Oakley, Clyde Thomson.

Advertising: Gus Appel, Chairman, G. Frigaard, Jim Cussons, Vic Legler, K. Ellingson.

Source:  Cooperstown Diamond Jubilee 1882-1957 Page 4

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