Bicycle Champion

Fame came to Griggs County when in 1897 W. D. "Billy" Sinclair defeated Olaf B. Houghton for the state bicycle championship at Jamestown.

Billy's victory was nothing short of sensational when, during the last grueling round, the bearing on Billy's bike gradually tightened and slowed his progress to a point where he won by only a bike's length, after going into the final round trip with almost a quarter of a mile lead.

He recalls that prior to the race, the then champion, Mr. Houghton, had offered him an opportunity of entering the race with him at Mandan the next day, if he, Billy, was successful in capturing second place. Following his defeat of the champion, the dethroned bicycler was nowhere to be found after the race.

Billy then wheeled the long way from Jamestown over trails to his home north of Hannaford to aid with threshing the next day.

Source:  Cooperstown Diamond Jubilee 1882-1957 Page 14

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