Cooperstown's First Business Men

From early day records the following business and professional men made up the list of Cooperstown business people who were instrumental in getting the town started:

  • Knud Thompson, merchant
  • David Bartlett, attorney
  • J. Stevens, storekeeper
  • George B. Clark, accountant
  • Iver Jacobson, attorney
  • M. J. Davis, livery barn operator
  • Beecher Cox, clerk
  • C. C. Phillippee, building contractor
  • Fred Sabin, surveyor
  • A. Enger, merchant
  • W. R. Whidden merchant
  • H. C. Pickett, banker
  • H. Gillespie, saloon keeper
  • S. Nelson, merchant
  • J. Christie, contractor
  • J. M. Burrell, land agent
  • George W. Bernard, postmaster
  • Maynard Crane, lumber yard operator
  • Byron Andrus, real estate agent
  • William Glass, real estate agent
  • E. D. Stair, editor
  • Peter E. Nelson, hardware merchant
  • Cash Yauncy, barber
  • F. M. Rockwell, minister

Source:  Cooperstown Diamond Jubilee 1882-1957 Page 14

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