Cooperstown Public Library

Early in 1944, a group of interested women, realizing the need of a cultural and literary center in Cooperstown, invited delegates from the men's and women's religious, civic and fraternal organizations in the city, to meet at Windsor Hotel February 5, 1944 for the purpose of forming a Library Board. Mrs. M. D. Westley explained the necessary procedure as outlined by Lillian E. Cook, of the State Library Commission.

Each organization pledged financial support toward the project and these still continue their support. Throughout the state they are known as "Friends of the Library." First officers elected were: Mrs. Westley, Chairman; Mrs. Carl Johnson, Vice-Chairman; Mrs. Pat Morrisey, Corresponding Secretary; Mr. E. Tracy, Recording and Financial Secretary. George Reid of Central Light offered a company room to house the library arid it was accepted. Through the years the library was moved several times and is now most satisfactorily located in the Sayer Building.

In 1947 the City purchased the books acquired by the library Board and since then has contributed a one mill levy for purchase of books only, thus making it a city project.

There are now 2500 books, accredited by the State Library Commission, plus a sixty volume set of Nations of the World, a set of Curwood works, Alexander Dumas, J. F. Coopers, and a set of Orations and Lectures. Many pamphlets of valuable information on leading industries of the nation and state are also housed here.

Highest number of books loaned in one month in 1956 was over 400, with a total of 3681 for the year. Mrs. Selmer Larson served as the first regular Librarian. She was succeeded by Mrs. W. W. Barr (now Secretary-Treasurer of the State Library Association.)

Present officers are: Mrs. J. Fredrickson, President; Mrs. Saxerud, Vice-President; Mrs. F. Thompson, secretary, and Mrs. S. L. Lemna, treasurer. The book committee consists of Mrs. Saxerud, Mrs. Brown and Mrs. G. Appel.

Source:  Cooperstown Diamond Jubilee 1882-1957 Page 44

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