American Legion Gordon Lindgren Post 143


The three days from March 15 to 17, 1919 mark the American Legion's birthday. The formative caucus in Paris convened on those dates, and from the caucus The American Legion emerged. In 1921, a group of 70 local Veterans organized and received their American Legion Charter. On it's inception, the Post was designated as Gordon Lindgren Post No. 143.

Much of the information on the activities of the organization and it's accomplishments during the early years is untraceable, however, we do know that the activities concerned many projects with a high degree of success in all their ventures.

One of the first Youth Programs that was sponsored by the organization is American Legion Baseball, which locally and on a State and National basis holds the top spot in all Youth Sporting activities. The Local Post has been in the midst of Junior Legion Baseball during this entire period with the year 1931 as a highlight, when the local Players returned victoriously from the State Tournament as Champions.

Down the years, as the community went with the times the great depression dealt the Legion a severe blow. Memberships lagged, many members not able to belong because of finances, others left to seek jobs in other communities. Only a handful of men held and slowly gained strength until today this Post ranks as one of the strongest in the State with 128 members.

During early days, meetings were difficult as the Legion had no home, they met in Hotel Dining rooms, Lodge Halls and private homes. The first step to remedy this was the purchase of the Sons of Norway Hall. The building served as a meeting place, also a source of revenue. Dances, card Parties, Raffles and Smokers were held regularly in the Dance Hall in town. The next group of events€ž concerned the sale of the Sons of Norway Hall to provide funds for the erection of the present Legion; Hall. Using only voluntary labor, the construction started in September of 1951 and the building was completed and dedicated in May of 1952.


Source:  Cooperstown Diamond Jubilee 1882-1957 Page 38

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