Early Organizations

The Cooper colony group brought with it the cultural standards of New England or the eastern Canadian Provinces. Some of this group came from Michigan, New York, Maine, or Massachusetts. Some came from Nova Scotia, others from Ontario. This eastern or "English" attitude has kept this group fairly distinct until the second Dakota generation.

The Norwegians or Germans, educated in the United States and using English well, entered into the social, educational, and business life of the community. Together with the Canadian and eastern group they made up the principal early local officers of school, road, and political organizations. The educational and cultural standards of this group were of an old establishment community, and these they sought to recreate. The churches were at first the center of activities.

When saloons seemed imminent a Christian Temperance Union was organized during the week of March 9, 1883. Officers elected were: President Mrs. J. N. Brown; First Vice President: Mrs. W. G. Barnerd; Second Vice President: Mr. F. Rockwell; Secretary: William Glass; Treasurer: Mrs. R. C. Cooper.

During the week of September 7, 1883, a literary society was organized with the following officers: President Prof. Z. A. Clough; Vice President T. F. Kerr; Secretary H. G. Pickett; Treas. Miss Minnie Barnard; Critic, Maynard Crane. In October of the same year, a study club was organized under the name of Chautauqua. Its officers were: President Mrs. H. G. Pickett; Vice President Mrs. J. B. Whidden; Secretary Mrs. J. N. Brown; Critic, Mrs. H. G. Pickett. A month later, a Glee club was organized, and within a year a band was organized.

Through the years many organizations were formed, but were discontinued when their needs past, or interest lagged. Of these are the Griggs Knights of the Tent Maccabees organized in 1900; Independent Order of Odd Fellows No. 37 with the date on the charter reading January 20, 1890. Evergreen Lodge No. 8, Daughters of Rebecca was instituted April 7, 1892 with 44 members, and in 1901, the Lady Maccabees organized. Cooperstown Court No. 3, Tribe of Ben-Hur was instituted September 12, 1901 with 50 members, and a Modern Brotherhood of America Lodge was installed March 23, 1902 with 34 members

Source:  Cooperstown Diamond Jubilee 1882-1957 Page 34

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