Golf Course

Cooperstown's first golfers teed off on a course located at the site of the fair grounds. The course was laid out in the early '20's. Officers at the time were Walt Nelson, president, and Gust Hansen, secretary-treasurer.

Membership in the first club included Clare Olson, Tom Irgens, C. H. Arneson, L. A. Sayer, Walt Nelson, Gust Hanson, Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Tang, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Johnson, H. G. Hammer, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hammer, Mr. and Mrs. Selmer Quam, Mrs. Harold Brown, Lloyd Anderson, and Clarence Stone.

The course was discontinued in the middle '30's and Cooperstown was without a golf course until 1940 when the present course was laid out in its present location at the northwest corner of town on city-owned property. Clare Olson and Milton McMillan were particularly active to organizing the present golf course as well as laying out this nine-hole course.

In 1943 new officers were elected with Frank Smith as president and Gilman E. Olson as secretary-treasurer. Present officers are Frank Smith, president, and Wilmer Haerter, secretary-treasurer.

1956 saw most of the greens rebuilt and other improvements instituted to make it a truly fine playing course. Plans for 1957 include considerable tree planting to further beautify the grounds.

A club house is maintained. Club membership helps defray the cost of maintaining the course as well as non-member fees of fifty cents per round.

Source:  Cooperstown Diamond Jubilee 1882-1957 Page 38

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