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Prior to 1933, a Homemakers' Club had never been organized in Griggs County. With the assistance of Miss Grace DeLong, State Home Demonstration Leader, a program for the 1934 year was drawn up and offered to the women of the county. The first Homemakers Club organized in the County was started on the Friday afternoon on March 9, 1934. The ladies of the Lovell Community met at the home,' of Mrs. Nels J. Opheim and organized the Sheyenne Valley Homemakers' Club with 12 members. Later during the 1934 year, the Progressive, Karnak, Bartley, and Helena Homemakers' Clubs were organized.

The city of Cooperstown has three Homemakers Clubs: The Cooperstown Homemakers Club organized in 1938; Club 15, organized in 1950; and the Busy Bee Homemakers organized in 1954.

The Cooperstown Homemakers Club was organized in May, 1938, at the home of Mrs. Gilbert Moum, wife of the county agent. Ten women were instrumental in forming this club: the Mrs. G. E. Moum, G. W. Dyson, Lloyd Howden, S. J. Quam, Myron Adams, Dan Hild, W. G. Abrahamson, B. B. Curtis, Bertie Houghton, and Henry Nelson.

Mrs. Henry Nelson is the only one of these ten who still belongs to the club in 1957. It was decided at their first meeting to meet the second Tuesday of each month. This day is still adhered to altho the time of meeting, 2:30 P. M., was changed to evening in October 1945.

Officers for the first year were: President: Mrs. Moum; Vice President Mrs. B. Curtis; and Secretary Treasurer: Mrs. L. Howden. The club constitution was drawn up by Mrs. Howden and Mrs. Curtis.

The following have held the office as president or the group:

1938-39, Mrs. Mourn;

1939-40, Mrs. Dyson;

1940-41, Mrs. Abrahamson;

1941-42, Mrs. Oswald Tufte, Mrs. Hamlin Saxerud;

1942-43, Mrs. B. B. Curtis;

1943-44, Mrs. Hamlin Saxerud;

1944-45, Mrs. Carl Brudwick;

1945-46, Mrs. Kenneth Curtis;

1946-48, Mrs. Earl Vogt;

1948-49, Mrs. Ben Fink;

1949-51, Mrs. Ralph Bender;

1951-53, Mrs. Clarence Pramhus;

1953-54, Mrs. A. C. Brown;

1954-56, Mrs. D. D. Clark;

1956- Mrs. H. C. Burk.

The Cooperstown Homemakers Club joined the National Homemakers Club in 1946.

Source:  Cooperstown Diamond Jubilee 1882-1957 Page 39

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