Knights of Pythias

The Grand Lodge Knights of Pythias of North Dakota granted the charter establishing Cooperstown Lodge No. 45, Knights of Pythias of the Grand Domain of North Dakota located at Cooperstown, North Dakota on the 16th day of July, 1902.

The following were charter members; Dallas Fouts, Jas. McCulloch, Philip Reimer, W. A. Abbott, C. L. Brimi, B. E. Alm, L. M. Summerville, F. O. Besuchet, George B. Clark, John Murphy, T. A. Thompson, F. W. Rose, R. M. Haddock, O. Kerr, R. Anderson, John Moffat, A. Sinclair, D. Rhodes, J. H. Morris, D. Cunningham, George Stringer, T. O. Hetager, A. M. Baldwin, M. C. Spicer, George Van Blon, Robert Moffatt, J. Blocker, e. S. Phipps, Ing. Wold.

F. O. Besucket was the first Chancellor Commander, and D. Fouts was Vice Chancellor. John A. Moffatt was Prelate, George Von Blon, Master of Works and George B. Clark, Master at Arms. The balance of officers are not known at time of this writing.

The Knights of Pythias had been a very active organization throughout the earlier years. Although it has a smaller membership it has been very active in helping to support various promotions in the community, such as the Community Hospital and Community Building. For many years the order sponsored a County School Spelling and Declamatory contest, the winner going to a district event and the winner of this going into a National Contest. The order also makes donations to various county and city organizations.

Andrew Tufteland is the oldest living member, with 54 years of continued membership and Dr. L. Almklov is a 50 year member this year.

There are 14 members with 25 or more continuous years of membership as follows: S. S. Olgaard, John D. Erickson, Marsar Cussons, 1. G. Olson, W. L. Wandke, Art Graby, Walter Flick, Thos. Irgens, C. P. Dahl, Martin Turnquist, William Turnquist, R. J. Lockner, Gerald P. Nye, Louis Westberg.

Cooperstown Lodge No. 45 has had the honor of having two of its members serving as Grand Chancellor Commander for North Dakota. The late Theo. Marquardt served during 1941 and R. J. Lockner served in that capacity during 1954. R. J. Lockner served as secretary also, for 24 continuous years, from 1933 through 1956.

S. E. Olgaard has also, contributed much toward the order. He has 45 years of continuous service and has 4 sons now as members of the lodge. They are; Daniel, Ralph, Kermit and Kenneth. Daniel and Kenneth are Past Chancellor Commanders.

The Present officers consists of the following:

Chancellor Commander - Gilman E. Olson

Vice Chancellor - Darvin Erickson

Prelate - John Edward Erickson

Secretary - Lyle Bender

Treasurer - Gilman E. Olson (Acting)

Master at Arms - Oliver Zentz

Master of Works - Arne Sandvik

Inner Guard - Louis Westberg

Outer Guard - William Ohman

Source:  Cooperstown Diamond Jubilee 1882-1957 Page 35

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