Northern Light No. 45 A. F. & A. M.

The first recorded meeting of Northern Light Lodge No. 45 is dated July 5, 1895 and was held in the I. O. O. F. Hall in Cooperstown. The officers presiding at this meeting were:

W. M. W. D. March                S. D. M. W. Buck

S. W. J. E. Johnson                  J. D. George Steinger

J. W. David Bartlett                Chap. E. C. Butler

Secretary J. N. Brown             T. B. B. Brown

Treas. B. A. Upton


The charter of the lodge is dated June 10, 1896, with the following members: W. C. March, J. E. Johnson, David Bartlett, B. A. Upton, Jackson Brown, Marion Burck, George Stringer, Benj Brown Glen Dyson, William Stringer, S. B. Langford, Rollin Cooper, F. J. Stone, C. H. Mosely, E. C. Butler, Charles Houghton, Knud Thompson, Alex Curry, W. C. Jimeson.

On December 3, 1897 a committee was appointed to investigate the feasibility of building a hall. Nothing was done. By 1905 the need for larger quarters was very apparent and an opportunity presented itself. In June of that year a contract was entered into the Jimeson and Olson Co. to add a second story to the building then under construction for which they agreed to pay $30.00 a month and advance $1,000 as advance rent in order to finance the construction. The result was very fine and commodious quarters.

For several years the lodge sponsored a lyceum course, and provided wholesome entertainment at a time when the city offered little choice in this respect. By 1915 the membership had grown to 150.

Mr. R. C. Cooper offered to donate a large equity in a section of land, and this supplied the motive power, so the Masonic Temple was incorporated in which practically all of the members took from one to ten shares at $100 a share. Contracts were drawn and building operations began as soon as the frost was out of the ground. The cornerstone was laid with fitting ceremony on June 23, 1916, and dedication exercises were held July 6, 1917.

Present officers are: W. M., Maurice Mosher; Sr. W., Jas. Cussons, JF. W., Alvin Swenson, Secretary, Willis Nilson; Treas., Gustav Hanson; Sr. Deacon, William Hazard; Jr. Deacon, Don Loder; Sr. Stewart, Gilman Olson; Jr. Steward, Bruce Hazard; Tyler, Gerald Nierenberg.

Source:  Cooperstown Diamond Jubilee 1882-1957 Page 34

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