P. E. O.

Chapter W was organized in Cooperstown on May 21, 1936 at the home of Mrs. M. D. Westley. Chapter M of LaMoure, the original chapter of P. E. O. in North Dakota, was the sponsor. Charter members were: Mrs. Westley, Mrs. L. J. Overby, Miss Mildred Udgaard, Mrs. S. H. Larson, Mrs. O. J. Thompson, Mrs. H. G. Hammer, Mrs. L. A. Sayer, Mrs. Thos. Irgens, Mrs. Gabriel Sharpe, Mrs. R. O. Miller and Mrs. Harry L. Thompson. Mrs. Westley was selected our first president and also served in all state offices and was elected president of the North Dakota State Chapter in 1949.

P. E. O. has several philanthropic projects, among the more prominent is Cottey College, a Junior college for girls, located in Nevada, Missouri. Two girls from Cooperstown who have attended Coney are Mrs. Mervin Field, the former Marilyn Hammer, and Audrey Simons. The Sisterhood also has an Educational Loan Fund and an International Peace Scholarship. Locally, Chapter W was instrumental in starting the City Library and still contributes $50.00 each year to it.

Each year, girls of the local graduating high school class, women teachers and wives of the men of the faculty are entertained at a Tea and beginning this fall all girls of the Freshman Class will be invited to a "Coke Party" to acquaint them with Cottey College. The State Chapter gives two scholarships each year on the recommendation of local chapters and school authorities.

Chapter W of Cooperstown and Chapter Y of Fargo will  be hostesses to the State Chapter in 1958 to be held in Fargo, North Dakota.

Present officers are:

President: Mrs. H. W. Hildre

Vice President: Mrs. Julian Mrozla

Recreation Secretary: Mrs. Barton Cussons

Corporate Secretary: Mrs. Vernon Kirkeby

Treasurer: Mrs. Leon Sayer

Chaplain: Mrs. Ann Halvorson

Guard: Mrs. C. P. Dahl

Source:  Cooperstown Diamond Jubilee 1882-1957 Page 36

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