Pythian Sisters

Pythian Sisters, an auxiliary of Knights of Pythias, were instituted in Cooperstown on December 2, 1952 as Cooper Temple No. 11.

Twenty five sisters and seven knights were on the charter:

  1. Mrs. Roscoe Winterer,
  2. Mrs. Thos. Irgens,
  3. Mrs. John Ed Erickson,
  4. Mrs. Walter Flick,
  5. Mrs. Oscar Thompson,
  6. Mrs. Melvin Olson,
  7. Mrs. Jones Soma,
  8. Mrs. Andrew Hagle,
  9. Betty Hagle,
  10. Mrs. Oscar Hogie,
  11. Bernice Hogie,
  12. Mrs. Clarence Paintner,
  13. Mrs. Clarence Pramhus,
  14. Mrs. Melvin Nelson,
  15. Mrs. Gust Perchert,
  16. Mrs. August Perchert,
  17. Mrs. George Johnston,
  18. Mrs. Robert Baker,
  19. Mrs. Emma Stone,
  20. Mrs. Martin Skramstad,
  21. Mrs. S. J. Quam,
  22. Mrs. Elmer Kjormoe,
  23. Mrs. Gilbert Ouren,
  24. Mrs. William Detwiller,


  1. Clarence Paintner,
  2. Elmer Kjormoe,
  3. R. J. Lockner,
  4. Swen Olgaard,
  5. Oscar Hogie,
  6. Andy Hagle,
  7. Swen Fors.

The following officers were elected: Past President: Mrs. Clarence Paintner; President: Mrs. Elmer Kjormoe; Senior: Mrs. John Ed Erickson; Junior: Mrs. Roscoe Winterer; Manager: Mrs. Clarence Pramhus; Protector: Mrs. Martin Skramstad; Guard: Mrs. Gilbert Auren; Sitting Past Chief: Mrs. Emma Stone; Treasurer: Mrs. Melvin Olson; Secretary: Mrs. Jones Soma; Pianist: Mrs. Selmer Quam. Three Trustees were also voted in: Mrs. George Johnston, Mrs. Oscar Thompson, Mrs. Elmer Kjormoe.

Altruistic work is the main project for Pythian Sisters. They donated to the City Library, Boy Scouts, March of Dimes, Polio fund, Red Cross, Swimming pool, baskets of fruit to sick and boxes of candy in honor of the Pythian Sister's mothers and clothing was given to needy families.

State Convention was held in Cooperstown in 1954 for both KP and Pythian Sisters. Mrs. Clarence Painter was elected Grand Chief. Cooper Temple No. 11 assisted Grand Chief Mrs. Clarence Paintner institute a new temple in Valley City in 1955.

Source:  Cooperstown Diamond Jubilee 1882-1957 Page 37

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