Cooperstown School Band

Left half left to right, row 1: Karen Edland, Jackie Olson, Carol Pella, Gail Knutson, Joyce Nelson, Gretchen Baird, Kathryn Shaufel, row 2: Carol Lima, Nichol Vance, LeAnn Fink, Athlie Jacobson, Delores Savre, Lillian Hagle, Elaine Gilbertson, Patty Rich, Mary Arneson, row 3: Jo Ann Reiten, Judy Tidemann, Doris Davison, Dianne Retzlaff, Rita Reinhart, Barbara Paintner, Karen Soma, Mike Appel, Norman Dahl, row 4: Sandra Iverson, Lynne Fredrickson, Karen Sanderson, Donna Lou Ohman, James Larson.

Right half right to left, row 1: Darlene Vogt, Shirley Savre, David Pramhus, Ronald Engbrecht, Sandra Iverson, Karen Sanderson row 2: Mary Jo Langford, Donna Lou Ohman, Charlotte Olson, Nancy Stone, Marlene Soma, Gerald Kimbrel, George Bender Harlan Pratt, Carole Pramhus, row 3: Richard Reiten, Diane Hildre, Mylo Quam, David Nisstad, Myron Rich, Randall Adam, Lynne Fredrickson, Loal Flick, Carol Savre, Diane Howden, Lola Flick row 4: Donald Savre, Lyonel Erickson, Frohne Soma, Jean Sanderson, Glen Solberg, Allan Turnquist, Roger Stone, Gary Pramhus, Elizabeth Edland, John Fredrickson, Mr. Elton Oppegard.

As nearly as can be determined the band was started in 1927 under the direction of Mr. E. Myers. He was followed by Mr. G. Harstad who was in charge of the group from 1935-1937. Then the group was placed under the direction of Mr. H. W. Lindstrom for the 1937-38 teaching season. The period from 1938-1943 saw Mr. W. E. Thornton as the bandman. The group was then turned over to Mr. I. A. Trom for the school year of 1943-44. His successor was Mr. E. Oppegard who has been with the band from the fall of 1944 to the present time.

The organization is thought of as the Cooperstown school band because in it's ranks are included students from the fifth grade on up through the senior year in high school. For the past several years it has had an average membership of 70 bandsmen with a total of some 95 pupils in the whole band training program. Its facilities for membership are open to any one of the student body who is willing to make the necessary effort.

During the last few years the instrumentation has been broadened to include: 4 new French Horns; a new set of timpani; 2 bass clarinets; an alto clarinet; and oboe; a piccolo; all new concert drum equipment, bells, and cymbals; all new gold parade drum equipment; and uniforms for fifty-five members.

The band with its soloist and ensembles of all combinations of instruments has become the most used of all school activities.

As a concert group the band has played an it important part in sacred, secular and patriotic programs. As an entertaining feature it has presented with the school vocal groups the very popular annual, "Cooper Capers" variety programs; and for three summers, in cooperation with the Griggs County Fair Board presented a full evenings variety show. Also as a concert group , it has appeared on the Island Park summer concerts in Fargo; on television from Valley City; on the Valley City State Teachers College Chapel Exercises; before the state legislature; in exchange concerts with other high schools; and as a feature for many years at the Dazey Barbecue. As a parade unit it has appeared several times in Valley City; has been a feature band at the Stutsman County Fair; and has participated in the WDAY Band Festival.

A major part of its activity for the past eight years has been its efforts with Enderlin, Lisbon,  Valley City and West Fargo High Schools in the Sheyenne Valley Band Festival.

This is only a small list of its many activities.

From its ranks have graduated many of the top students of Cooperstown High School, some of whom have continued services in college band organizations.

Source:  Cooperstown Diamond Jubilee 1882-1957 Page 22

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