The Dazey History Committee extends a most sincere thank you to the advertising committee of Marshall Jacobson, Lyle Bender, Lee Schneider, Roger Rondestvedt, Nick Bredeson, and Randy McKenzie and to the donors and advertisers who have supported this history project.  Your help has been appreciated. 


Audrey (Bender) Kling

Darrel and Judy Krause

Eleanor (Ecker) Helgerud

Carrie (Anderson) Osborne

Myrtle (Larsen) Refsnider

Mathea Bryn

Roger Sad

Marie (Larson) Winegardner

James, Margaret, Ann, Bjarne and Bernice Ose

Peter and Lucille Frahm

Dorothy (King) Burvee

Irene (Schnur) Coney

Joe and Clara Weishaupt

Phyllis (Pedersen) Undseth

Gladys (Swenson) Stowman

Herman Eberle

Lyle and Helen Bender

Ida Mickelson

Thorstein Bryn

Glenna (Sad) Johnson

Helmer and Myrle Christenson

Walter Amann

Edwin C. Olson

Joe and Maxine Berger

Mathilda Wieland

Prairie Gals Homemakers

Lucille (Fredrickson) Clark

Harriet (Montgomery) Kenworthy

Faye (Jewett) Hasche

Ben Torguson

Helen (Bryn) Hill

Mabel (Christopherson) Blake

Henry and Betty Christopherson

LeRoy and Pat Christensen

Theresa (Amann) Wachter

Russel and Lu Schnur

Ralph and Leonard Ermatinger

Evelyn Hilden

Philip C. Quick

Kermit Larson

Monroe Thorud

Leonard and Mignon Larsen

Warren Jamison

Doris (Rondestvedt) Johnson

Margaret (Potter) Schmal

Bernard and Virginia Rondestvedt

Doug and Violet Quick

Harry and Ann Haugen

Albert and Johanna Tolstad

Bruce and Gladys Waters

Edwin and Edythe Hagglund

Edmund and Phyllis Quick

in Memory of George and Caroline Rasmusson

Source:  Our Heritage Dazey, North Dakota 1883 - 1983 Page 219