Richard and Sarah Algeo

Gebhard and Teresa Amann

John and Theresa Amann

Arthur and Ruth Anderson

D.N. and Marie Anderson

Donald and Dorothy Anderson

The Fritchop Anderson Family

Leon and Mary Ann Anderson

Nordman T. and Mary Anderson

Martin and Alta Anderson

Robert and Anita Anderson

Theodore and Inga Anderson

Peder and Agnes Antonson

Verne and Emilie Arbuckle

Henry Asseln

Aaron and Della Bender

Lyle and Helen Bender

Ralph and Agnes Bender

Otto Samuel and Susan Berg

Reuben and Marion Berg

Jonas and Lisbet Berge

Julius and Ida Berge

Thomas and Eva Berge

George and Maria Berger

Joe and Maxine Berger

Sidwin and Hattie Berglin

Moses and Mary Bontrager

Guy and Elsie Braa

Casper and Florence Brainard

James and Julia Brainard

Mel and Clara Bredeson

Garfield and Clarice Broten

Olaf and Helen Broten

Anna Nora Brown

Herbert P. Brown

Jacob and Elina Brox

May Bryant

Herman and Anna Bryn

Peter and Dorothy Bryn

Terry and Nancy Bryn

Thorstein Bryn

Karl, Sr. and Louise Burkhart

Karl, Jr. and Janet Burkhart

Stephen and Mary Jean Burkhart

Dean and Anna Calkins

John and Carrie Carlson

Tony Case

Adolph and Alice Christ

Hans Christensen

Nels Christensen

John Christensen

Hans and Marie Christenson

Helmer Christenson

Thomas and Anna Christopherson

James and Emma Collard

George and Kathryn Colville

Walter Colville

Charles and Alice Cross

The Curtis Family

Edward and Olina Dahl

Fredrick and Edith Dahl

Joe and Minnie Dahl

Roy and Esther Daub

Ron and Linda Dawson

Charles T. Dazey

Everett and Marion Dion

Mathias and Anna Dreis

Ed and Louise Duff

Alfons and Louise Eberle

Herman and Josephine Eberle

Larry and June Eberle

Raymond and Sylvia Eberle

Nicholas and Ellen Ecker

Harry and Minnie Emerson

Walter, Jr. and Dorathea Emery

William and Susan Ermatinger

Olaf Fosmo

Ervin and Gladys Frahm

Peter and Minnie Frahm, Sr.

Rev. Rick and Kathleen Fredericks

Fred and Lydia Fredrickson

Ernest and Ida Fritch

Rev. Richard and Karen Genzman

The Frank Glesner Family

Alvin and Bertha Hagenston

Edwin and Edythe Hagglund

John and Barbara Hagglund

Lawrence and Josephine Hagglund

Julius and Lillieth Halvorson

Earl and Eleanore Hammer

Arnold and Amelia Hammersmith

Christ and Laurine Hanson

Glenn and Marlis Hanson

Rev. Cordon and Lorraine Hanson

Johanna Hanson

Kenneth and Neva Hanson

George and Tillie Hare

Luella Hare

Hans and Anna Harstad

Harry and Anna Haugen

Martin and Borghild Haugen

Ronald and Diane Haugen

Edward and Elsie Heinze

Edwin and Dorothy Heinze

John and Dorene Heinze

Joseph and Anna Heinze

Julius Heinze

Patrick and Dinah Heinze

A.T. and Grace Hilden

Arthur and Mary Ann Hockert

Fred and Anna Jacobson

J. E. and Emma Jacobson

Roy and Doris Jacobson

Charles and Myra Jaeger

Miss Arta James

Christ and Marie Jensen

Einar and Jensine Jensen

Olaf and Karen Johnson

Gary and Inez Jorissen

Jake and Myrtle Jorissen

Richard and Charlotte Jorissen

Hans and Josephine Kalland

Samuel and Phoebe Kegrice

Dr. Paul M. Kellogg

George and Tina Kelly

John and Nellie Klink

Joe and Minnie King

The Gust Knudson Family

M.H. and Petra Krantz

Herbert and Alyce Krause

Frederick and Julia Krueger

Alois and Franziska Kunze

August and Anna Kunze

Bernard and Marjorie Kunze

Frank and Brigetta Kunze

Joe B. and Helena Kunze

Joseph and Paula Kunze

Keith and Gwen Kunze

Oscar and Caroline Kunze

The Reinhold Kunze Family

Robert and Emma Kunze

Edwin and Phila Ladbury

Ernest and Hannah Ladbury

Harry and Belle Ladbury

Lewellyn Ladbury

Maxwell and Gertrude Ladbury

Fred and Emma Lang

John and Marjorie Langer

Charles and Pauline Larsen

Nels and Millie Larson

Theodore and Mabel Larson

Edwin and Evelyn Lausch

Ernest and Dorothy Lausch

Heaster and Regenna Lausch

Marleyn and Iyla Lausch

William and Fern Ledbury

John and Thea Loberg

Rev. O.O. and Mrs. Lovaas

Rossa and Grace Mackenzie

Ivar and Annie Madsven

Arnie K. and Bertha Mannes

James and Margaret Marler

Mike and Lula Martinson

Charles and Elizabeth Mcallister

Albert and Annie Mcinnes

Richard and Dorothy Mckenzie

Engbrit and Lisebeth Mickelson

Mikel and Sadie Mickelson

Ole and Julia Mickelson

Freeman and Myrtle Mjolsness

Henry and Agnes Mohr

Mervin and Lucille Mohr

Wilbur and Lillie Montgomery

Elihue and Inez Mosher

Oscar and Sophia Mosher

Joe and Stella Mueller

Cecil and Esther Muncy

Darrel and Anna Muncy

Keith and Lois Muncy

Claira and Agnes Musser

Willard and Mary Myers

B. Peter and Anna Nelson

Henry and Anna Nelson

N.J. and Tina Nelson

Chris and Annie Nolen

Dr. Willis Nolte

Rev. Mark and Linda Nygard

Frederick Sr. and Rosina Oettle

Frederick Jr. and Olga Oettle

Carl and Ruth Oglesby

Frank and Martha Oglesby

Roy and Betty Ohnstad

Axel Olson

O.T. Olson Family

Sivert and Serene Olson

Elmer and Anna Oppegard

Hans and Lorentza Oppegard

John and Laura Oppegard

Ole and Ida Oppegard

Randy and Ina Oppegard

W.E. and Mabel Osborne

Jonas and Helen Ose

Archie and Jennie Owens

John and Isabel Owens

The Paul Family

Frederick and Marie Pedersen

Cornelius and Ida Pederson

Carl and Loraine Petersen

Gregory and Ruth Quick

Frank and Mary Quick

Melvin and Gladys Quick

Philip and Lulu Quick

William and Dora Quick

Carl and Annie Rasmussen

Charles and Hannah Rasmusson

George and Caroline Rasmusson

Leo and Sadie Ratcliff

Anton and Margaret Rausch

Paul and Josephine Rausch

Fred and Josephine Rebhahn

Konrad and Marie Riedman

Duane and Pat Rohde

Bernard and Virginia Rondestvedt

John and Minnie Rondestvedt

Vernon and Thelma Rondestvedt

Carl, Sr. and Gena Rogne

Carl Jr. and Florene Rogne

Roy Rosvig

Albert and Josephine Sad

Asbjorn and Martha Sad

Bernt G. and Gudrun Sad

John and Mae Sad

Jonas and Christina Sad

Gordon and Lorraine Sad

Anton and Minnie Satre

Rev. Bob and Arlene Schlinkert

Charles and Rachael Schneider

William and Amalia Schneider

Frank and Hannah Schnur

Amos and Clara Schumann

Charles and Lydia Senff

Frank and Margaret Shearer

J.B. and Samantha Shearer

James and Helen Sherlock

May and Tina Short

Dr. George Sjoden

Alfred, Sr. and Helen Skjeret

Alfred, Jr. and Fern Skjeret

Michael and Hilda Sorenson

Severin and Meta Sorenson

Frank and Carrie Stanley

Harry and Blanche Stanley

Thomas and Gurine Stee

James Steele

Charles Perry and Jane Stowman

Leo and Lorraine Stowman

Perry and Gladys Stowman

W. Beaumont and Laura Stowman

Hans and Kjersti Strande

Hans and Bertha Stromme

Arthur and Hazel Swanson

Herman and Carolina Swanson

John and Inger Svenningsen

Charles and Francis Taylor

Daniel and Ingnora Tharaldson

Emil and Emma Tharaldson

Morris and Annabelle Tharaldson

Russel and June Tharaldson

Mrs. Emma Thompson

Oliver and Aletha Thorud

Albert and Johanna Tolstad

Andrew and Louise Tolstad

Sever and Karen Tolstad

Henry and Hazel Tombarge

William and Gladys Tombarge

Torgus and Mary Torguson

Norris and Joan Trelstad

Ralph and Clara Uptagraft

James and Amelia Vaughn

Isaac and Agnes Waters

Jacob Watne Family

Clarence and Doris Weller

Eugene and Helen Weller

Johann and Karoline Weller

John and Gertrude Weller

Walter and Ida Mae Wheeler

Bernard and Florence Wieland

Hugo and Nell Wieland

Jerome and Peggy Wieland

John and Franscicka Wieland

Richard Wieland Family

William J. Wieland Family

Fred and Wanda Wolsky

Jessie Yeager

Samuel and Anna Zingg

Because information was not available or was not submitted, some names of persons who have been instrumental in the growth of Dazey may have been omitted. 

Source:  Our Heritage Dazey, North Dakota 1883 - 1983 Page 218