Genealogy Addict


You know you are a Genealogy addict when....

.... You brake for libraries.

.... You hyperventilate at the sight of an old cemetery.

.... You would rather browse in a cemetery than a shopping mall.

.... You would rather read census schedules than a good book.

.... You are more interested in what happened in 1699 than in 1999.

.... Eenrum, Baflo and Groningen are household names, but you can't remember what to call the dog.

.... You store your clothes under the bed (or wear the same two outfits to save space), because your closet is full of books and papers.

.... All your correspondence begins with "Dear Cousin".

.... You have traced every one of your ancestral lines back to Adam and Eve, you have it documented and still don't want to quit.

.... Your most important social life is meeting people who you run into while searching a family line.



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