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Fathers Day Service Held at Glenfield

June 20, 1935 - Rev. Place delivered a very good sermon on Sunday morning especially prepared for Father's Day. Helen Footitt gave a musical reading, "A Tribute to Father," at the service.

Luther League Gives Drama in Glenfield

Admission Prices Are 10 and 25 Cents for

Sacred Play Tomorrow Night

July 23, 1936 - The Sutton Luther League will present a sacred drama, "The Symbol of the Cross" and other numbers at the Glenfield Community hall on Friday evening, July 24, at 8:15. Admission charges are 100 and 25C Everybody welcome.

Valuable Recorder of History

May 20, 1987 - First issue of the Foster County Tribune, published at McHenry, made its appearance Friday, October 6, 1899.

Glenfield Lutheran Church apparently assisted in getting a church started at McHenry in 1901. The newspaper reported:

"Glenfield Lutheran congregation has service at the school house at Ryum's on New Year's day. After the service the annual business meeting of the church was called to order by the pastor. The officers elected for ensuing year were: H. C. Lean, secretary; Christ Ryum, treasurer; K. J. Alfstad and Even Torgerson, trustees; A. J. Sandvold, deacon. The next service will be held in McHenry January 20."

Rev. and Mrs. M. B. Ordahl

Mathias B. Ordahl, born in Norway, November 22, 1874, came to the home of an uncle in rural Glenwood, Minnesota, at the age of 15. He learned the English language and then attended Glenwood High School Academy.

After teaching in a rural school one year, he decided to go into the ministry, receiving his education at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, and Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota. He was ordained in 1908, and was called to serve as a pioneer pastor in northern Minnesota. He homesteaded and built a small home east of Holt, Minnesota.

In 1911, he married Inga Gunderson, born in Norway May 5, 1883. At the age of 19, she came to the home of a brother in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She had finished high school in Norway and found employment in the home of a Luther Seminary professor, where she had met Mathias Ordahl.

Three children were born at the homestead home: Hildred, Valborg and Esther. After they moved into the Holt Lutheran Church parsonage, three more daughters joined the family: Florence, Dagny and Myrtle.

After 19 years as pastor in the Holt area, Rev. Ordahl was called to the Binford, Sutton and Glenfield, North Dakota parish in 1926. The seventh daughter, Evangeline, was born in Binford. The family later moved to Glenfield.

Rev. Ordahl died October 6, 1939, and Mrs. Ordahl October 31, 1966. They are both buried at the Glenfield Cemetery.

Jonathan and Barbara (Redman) Stansfield

Jonathan was born and lived just north of Chicago in Oak Park, Illinois, until he was 10 years old. His family then moved to a farm in southwestern Wisconsin. His parents, two of his sisters, and two of his brothers are still farming a 120 acre farm with 35 cattle in Hollandale, Wisconsin

He attended Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and was active as the director of the school photo agency, in several of the school's religious organizations including choirs, and as president of the organization for those pursuing careers in religion, and involved in many theatre productions both on and off stage, which led to his membership in the National Honorary Theatre Fraternity, of which he also was an officer.

He graduated with a BA in speech communication and theatre. He worked his way through school as a painter, photographer, factory worker, receptionist and camp chaplain.

Jonathan attended Wartburg Theological Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa. Experiences there included interim work in Chadron, Nebraska, and Preston, Iowa, a hospital chaplaincy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and internships in Loudonville, Ohio, and Des Moines, Iowa. He graduated with a masters of divinity degree in May 1985.

Barbara was born in Iowa and moved twice before she was four years old. She grew up in a "small" town just north of Milwaukee. She attended Carthage College and was active in many of the religious activities and organizations, honor fraternities, theatre activities, musical actress, honorary theatre fraternity, business fraternity, residence hall advisor, several different service and social sororities, and a few other organizations, clubs and activities.

She held offices, including executive board member and presidents for many of the sororities and organizations. Barbara graduated with honors with a BA in accounting and business administration. She worked her way through school by a wide variety of job experiences.

While Jonathan was in seminary she continued her employment, including experiences in a large, national CPA firm, insurance administration, bookkeeping, management, etc., a total of 15 different job experiences.

Jonathan and Barbara moved to Glenfield from Des Moines, Iowa, in August 1986. They are enjoying the many good things North Dakota has to offer.

Glory to God

We thank God for the faithful pastors who have served through the years.


Rev. Quamme 1888-1892
Rev. Silness  1895-1904
Rev. Dybvik 1905-1912
Rev. Larson 1912-1916
Rev. Thorson 1916-1916
Rev. Haugen  1916-1926
Rev. Ordahl 1926-1935
Rev. Meling 1936-1938
Rev. Holm-Jensen 1939-1940
Rev. Hansen        1943-1947
Rev. Rasmussen 1948-1948
Rev. Borlaug        1948-1957
Rev. Tuff  1957-1960
Rev. Farup  1960-1966
Rev. Gorklo  1966-1970
Rev. David Monge    1971-1973
Rev. Dale Houck 1973-1977
Rev. Vernon Holte    1977-1981
Rev. Don Neumann  1981-1985
Rev. Jonathan Stansfield 1986-


Source:  Glenfield History 1886 – 1987 Page 131

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