Family Histories

Hans and Milla (Ihlen) Anderson

Henry and Mabel (Anderson) Pederson

Lester and Isabelle McDaniel Anderson

Gordon and Lillian (Ellingson) Pedersen

Lars and Ingeborg Baker

Eugene and Bernice (Hogie) Alley

Robert and Marge (Moberg) Alley

Keith and Judith (Lies) Barlett

Matthew and Denice (Borthwick) Bear

Maurice and Ninie (Forsberg) Brandvold

Noel and Cleo Drummond

Hassen and Ida (Hadey) Eli, Jr.

Jerome and Sandra (Larson) Eli

William (Kadry) and Caroline (Richter) Eli

Philip and Charlotte (Hahn) Engstrom

Walter and Marjorie (Nelson) Engstrom

Andrew and Emma (Soderholm) Felt

Andrew and Elaine (Papenfuss) Felt, Jr.

Oscar and Gladys (Overbeck) Feske

Elmer and Cleone (Klimek) Finch

Elly and Isha (Yezda) Gader

Clamats and Donna (Myers) Gader

Charles and Mercedes (Sorenson) Gader

Myron and Sharon (Bakkegard) Gader

Tim and Gail (Bartlett) Gader

Ken and Susan (Genter) Fiechtner

Stanley and Violet (Bredahl) Gulstad

Bernard and Leona (Wilson) Hawkes

Richard and Patty (Kamrud) Hegvik

Hoakan and Josephine (Landroff) Halvorson

Ragnar and Marion (Stephens) Halvorson

Manley and Delores (Felt) Halvorson

John and Donna Mae (Gunderson) Halvorson

Don and Joyce Hinrichs

Oscar Holmen

Seth and Dorothy (Overbeck) Isgrig

Elvin Isgrig

Don and Shirley (Isgrig) Iverson

John and Byrd (Posey) Jacobson

Marvin and Patricia ((Andes) Jacobson

Artie and Angeline (Hockert) Johnson

Myron O. and Doris (Troseth) Kirkeby

Edwin and Edith (Johnson) Klemstein

Roger and Pamela (Halvorson) Kolpin

Allen and Margie Loken

Clifford C. and Doris (Dean) Martin

Obert and Ruth Martinson

James S. and Fern E. (Brock) McDaniel

Hyllis and Ray McDaniel

Mearl and Gail (Schnell) Nelson

John and Anna (Limmesand) Nisstad

John Henry and Hannah (Lange) Overbeck

George and Nellie (Peters) Overbeck

Harold and Olga (Fadness) Overbeck

Vern and Thelma (Craft) Overbeck

Donald and Dorothy (Prescott) Hunsberger

Frank and Frances (Paczkowski

Frank and Constance (Bendickson) Papenfuss

Clarence and Eunice (Saxberg) Papenfuss

Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Peters

Henry Ravndal

Andrew I. and Janna (Vatne) Sharpe

Ira Sharpe

LeRoy and Bernice (Sharpe) Alfson

James and Doris (Sharpe) Bronaugh

John and Stella (Sharpe) Cooley

Leonard and Elda (Sorenson) Talle

Melvin and Janice (Highley) Thompson

Victor and Minnie (Kellogg) Stromme

Leonard and Marillyn Topp

Hans and Kathy (Knutson) Overby

Calvin and Chris (Bartlett) Knutson

Leo and Lisa (Hofbauer) LaMotte

Harvey and Joyce (LaMotte) Hirning

Jerold and Cindy (Adrian) Tufte

Anders and Johanna (Petterson) Walen

Elmer and Helen (Dybwad) Walen

Andrew H. and Gladys (Hoyt) Walen

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Walen

Christian Adolph and Alma Walen

Leander and Janice (Smith) Walen

Walen Children History

Milton and Verna (Hoyt) Walen

Henry and Ellen (Westvig) Walen

August and Mary (Barclay) Walen

Albert and Barbara (Midgley) Walen

Harry and Doris (Jensen) Walen

Lars and Anna (Madsen) Walen

Kenneth and Elaine (Johnson) Walen

Larry and Ann (Kuderling) Walker

Allen and Ruby (Aaland) Palmer

Ed and Tillie (Anderson) Watne

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