Glenfield Diamond Jubilee

Lawns are being mowed and buildings painted as Glenfield residents gear up for their fast-approaching Diamond Jubilee. The city will be celebrating its 75th birthday July 17-18.

Gail Nelson, chairperson of the Jubilee Committee, said the community has been humming with activity as preparations for the celebration jell. "I think the people are finally starting to think this (jubilee) is getting closer all the time," she commented. "The people are really getting excited."

This week we join in the joyous celebration of Glenfield's 75th Jubilee. How good it is to be a part of this community. Sunday morning Glenfield will host our inter-faith worship service at the city park. Worship will begin at 11:00, and will be followed by a potluck dinner.

Litany for Glenfield's 75th Birthday and for the next 75 years.

L - Leader - C - Congregation

L: For the beauty of the earth

C: We give you thanks

L: For the gift of life

C: We give you thanks

L: For the freely given love which sustains us

C: We thanks and praise you Lord

L: For Glenfield, North Dakota, her sons her daughters who have been given life through this community

C: Thank you good Lord

L: For 75 years of good life, of joy and sorrow. laughter and pain

C: We thank you good Lord

L: For the fathers and mothers of this community, many of whom have left this world for your world above

C: We thank you good Lord

L: For the children who remain to carry on the name and life of this community

C: We humbly ask your blessing

L: For the future of our home although it may seem dim at times

C: Give us hope dear Lord

L: For your church in this place, that we may your witnesses, and that we may bring your love

C: Lead us by your love O, Lord

L: For the next 75 years in Glenfield, may they be filled with love and hope, joy and prosperity. That in the good times as well as the bad we would look to you, O, God, for guidance and hope

C: Be near us Lord

Diamond Jubilee, July 17-18, 1987

Diamond Jubilee Co Source:  Glenfield History 1886 €“ 1987 Page 1

Committee: Gail Nelson, Robert Balvitsch, Cleo Drummond, Betty Johnson, Janice Thompson.

Parade Committee: Herman Johnson, Joel McDaniel, Ted Johnson.

Kiddie Parade Committee: Sue Fiechtner, Jenny Topp, Debbie Walen.

Kids Carnival Games Committee: Iris Johnson, Nancy Anderson.

Outhouse Races Committee: Robert Dybwad, Gail Nelson.

Square Dance Committee: Maxine and Roger Edland.

Style Show Committee: Patty Hegvik, Evalyn Johnson, Ann Walker, Sue Fiechtner, Becky Utke, JoAnn Simenson.

History Book Committee: Harland and Doris Erickson.

Dance Committee: Sue Fiechtner, John Halvorson.

Craft and Flea Market Committee: Maxine Edland, Sandra Eli, Carol Walen, Janice Walen.

Friday's Events

Craft and Flea Market, Kiddie Parade, Kids Carnival Games, Ball Games, Outhouse Races, '60s Class Reunion, "Karma" Teen Dance.

Saturday's Events

"Plain People" Performance, Parade, Firemen's Water Competition, Style Show, Beard and Dress Judging, Catered Supper, Square Dancing, Father/Daughter Softball, Dance "Sounds of Yesterday", Dance "Black Velvet."

Sunday's Events

Potluck Picnic, sponsored by Sutton Senior Citizens.

The Glenfield community thanks all who have made the Diamond Jubilee a special commemoration of our 75th anniversary. The committees hope everyone has enjoyed the activities and will take home happy memories of old times and renewed friendships.

Source:  Glenfield History 1886 €“ 1987 Page 193

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