Ingvald Aarestad

Ingvald Aarestad's parents were Endre and Anna Aarestad.  They lived near Cooperstown, North Dakota.  Mrs. Ingvald (Ida) Aarestad's parents were Carl and Marie Berg.  They lived west of Hannaford, North Dakota.

Ingvald and Ida Aarestad and family lived in Binford for several years.  They also lived in Cooperstown.  Later they moved to Everett, Washington.

Mr. and Mrs. Aarestad were the parents of five daughters: 

1.     Marian (Mrs. Orville Bakken) of Northwood, North Dakota

2.     Eileen (Mrs. Olaf Jorde) of Northwood, North Dakota

3.     Evelyn (Mrs. Alvin Miller) of Binford, North Dakota

4.     Carol (Mrs. Howard Stromme) of Brainerd, Minnesota

5.     Esther Delores who passed away at three months of age.

Ingvald Aarestad passed away in 1954.  Mrs. Aarestad is presently living with her daughter, Mrs. Orville Bakken, in Northwood, North Dakota.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 20

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