The Oscar Alm Family

Oscar Alfred Alm and Hazel Jean Maurer Alm were married in Binford on June 24, 1920.  Oscar was born on January 20, 1893 and Hazel on September 2, 1898 and resided all of their adult lives in Binford and Griggs County.  Oscar served in the United States Marine Corps during World War I, returning to Binford after his service.  Until his death on December 8, 1951, he was a rural mail carrier in Binford. 

As a youth and in early manhood, he was an amateur baseball player with Binford teams and was affectionately known as "Rabbit.  He maintained an active interest in sports all of his life and was always a supporter of the Binford Eagles, driving the team to many of their games.  He was instrumental in the support for the gymnasium and spent many hours working on that project. 

As a mail carrier, he once appeared on a national radio program, "RFD America," because he was one of the few mail carriers in the United States who served his patrons from the air, as he did for some of the later winters of his career.

Hazel literally grew up with Binford since her parents were some of the very first settlers of that community.  For many years of her life, she worked actively with Dr. J. R. Truscott as he ministered to the sick of the Binford area.  Many are the tales she can tell of midwinter visits to farms and homes of the Binford community in the company of this prairie doctor to whom so many owed their lives.  Always active in every facet of community life, she worked with church and school.  Her "white cakes with sour cream frosting" were always in evidence at church suppers, school picnics or wherever good food was being served.

Both Oscar and Hazel were active members of fraternal organizations, Oscar in the Oddfellows and Hazel in the Rebekahs.  Hazel served as state president of the Rebekahs and traveled throughout North Dakota during her term of office.  She still retains friendships with many people in that organization.

To the union of Oscar and Hazel Alm, two sons were born:

1.     Kent, born May 29, 1928

2.     Ross, born November 7, 1922

 Both boys received their education in Binford schools and both were active on Binford athletic teams and in dramatic and declamation events in Binford and Griggs County.

Both served in the Armed Forces in and shortly after World War II with Ross a navigator in the Army Air Corps and Kent in the Quartermaster Corps of the Army.  After service, both returned to North Dakota for their education at the University of North Dakota with Ross graduating in 1948 and Kent in 1951.  After teaching for a short time, Ross was recalled back into the Air Force and served a full career, retiring in 1968.  Most of his second term of service was spent in several capacities at the Air Force Academy.  He received a Ph.D. degree from the University of Denver and is presently the Director of Admissions at Mankato State College in Minnesota.  He married Mary Branson of Missouri in 1944.  Three daughters were born to them:

1.     The oldest, Barbara, spent a little time in Binford.  she died in 1972.  Janet is married and living in Wisconsin.  Bonnie is living at home and attending college.

Kent was also recalled into the Army for a short period in the early 1950's but returned to civilian life.  He received his Master's Degree from North Dakota State University and his Ph.D. from the University of North Dakota.  He taught in schools in South Dakota and California and later was a professor and Director of Summer Sessions at University of North Dakota.  He also was on the staff of Mankato State College, serving as Academic Vice President, Executive Vice President, and for one year as Acting President.  He has recently accepted a position as Director of the Center for Planned Change of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities in Washington, D. C. Kent married Jane Russell of Alabama in 1952.  A girl and two boys were born to them.  Mary Jane is a junior at MSC, Steven has just finished high school and Kevin is in grade school.

With Hazel still residing in Binford, the whole family has retained close ties with the community.  Both Kent and Ross are frequent visitors, particularly during hunting season.  "White cake with sour cream frosting" still has a particular pull for them.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 20

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