Henry Hagle Family

Wedding bells rang in Binford, North Dakota on July 12, 1922.  They rang for Annie Overby and Henry Hagle.  Parents of the couple were Bernt (Ben) Overby and his wife Sara (Sigrid) Larson Overby, and Mons A. Hagle and his wife Betsey Qualley Hagle.

Annie Overby was born in Sagen, Norway on October 19, 1899.  Henry Hagle was born July 5, 1895 in Fargo, North Dakota.

From this union ten children were born: 

1.     Florence

2.     Melvin

3.     George

4.     Alfred

5.     Floyd

6.     Harold

7.     Flora

8.     Annette

9.     Mildred and

10.  Evelyn.

Florence is married to Frank Fiebiger.  They farm in Cooperstown Township, and have 3 sons: 

1.     Wayne

2.     Russel and

3.     Daniel.

Mildred married Robert Lura.  He is employed at Melroe of Cooperstown.  They have one daughter Sheila Kay.

The other eight brothers and sisters have married and moved away from the Griggs County area.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 24

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