The Binford Gospel Tabernacle

In 1934 several meetings were held at Red Willow Lake, conducted by Reverend A. Selness.  These meetings led to the formation of a group of believers who desired the formation of a full gospel church in Binford.  The group bought the building that had been the print shop for the weekly newspaper known as "The Binford Times.  Reverend Selness was called to be the first pastor.

The former print shop was enlarged in the fall of 1935 and was formally dedicated to the Lord's work in May 1936.  Reverend Herman Johnson, then District Superintendent, gave the dedication sermon.

Several pastors served the church in the years that followed: 

Reverend Harold Byram

Mrs. Emma Wilson

Reverend Lloyd Jorgenson

Miss Mildred Anderson and Reverend L. Clyde Meyer. 

While Reverend Meyer was pastor, the former Martin Knapp home, was purchased.

Reverend Wells Gage followed Reverend Meyer.  At that time the Sunday school was officially organized.

Reverend Lloyd Englar was the next pastor.  He never moved to Binford, but drove down from his home in Devils Lake each Sunday.  At this time the local church became affiliated with the national Assemblies of God.

Following Reverend Englar, Reverend Ted Johnson served as pastor for one year, succeeded by two supply pastors, Reverend Henry Goldsack and Reverend Peter Podruchney.  Reverend Vernon Lass was called as pastor in 1955.  During that time the church was given the opportunity to trade buildings with the local American Legion.  The transaction was completed and the first service in the newly acquired building was held on April 22, 1956.

In 1957, Reverend J. D. Risk came from Minneapolis to pastor the church and he continues in that capacity.  Reverend and Mrs. Risk and family minister with love and concern to many community needs as well as to their own church.

The church has always been missions-minded and gives partial monthly support to several missionaries who serve in various parts of the world.

In 1959 the Binford Women's Missionary Council was organized with Mrs. Risk as the first president.  This is a part of a national organization and each group contributes clothing and other needs to missionaries and their families.

The young people are also part of a national group known as the Boys and girls Missionary Crusade.  The monthly offerings are used to print or purchase Bible literature to be distributed to children in foreign lands.

All through the years the group of believers has sought God's help and guidance and He has sustained this "light house" which has been a source of blessing to many.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 17

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