Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Joseph Truscott

Binford was home to Dr. Joseph R. Truscott from the time he came there in the spring of 1902, fresh from the University of Minnesota, until he retired in the mid 1950's to make his home with a son, Donald in Florida.

Dr. Truscott was born in the state of New York on September 9, 1870, and spent his early years there.  He spent some time in South Dakota during his growing-up years, but chose North Dakota in which to practice his profession.

His was a life of dedicated service to the community.  There was no such thing as office hours for the Doctor.  According to those who knew him well, a call any hour of the day or night was a challenge to go where he was needed.  He worked tirelessly.  many times catching a few moments of sleep while someone took him from one place to another.  In the early years he made his rural calls with horse and buggy, or sleigh, and later, of course, by automobile.

When the community honored him in 1947 on forty-five years of service in its behalf, many of the "Doctor Truscott Babies" were to pay him their respect.  He brought approximately one thousand babies into the world.  His busiest year was 1915, when he officiated at fifty-two births.  Fifteen sets of twins were among the hundreds of babies born during his years of service.

Dr. and Mrs. Truscott (Nellie Johnson of St. Paul) were married in 1902, four months after he came to Binford.  They were the parents of two sons

Donald and Robert, both now deceased.  Mrs. Truscott died in 1928, and the Doctor passed away June 27, 1959, at the age of 88.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 31

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