S. Almklov was born in Vanelvyn, Norway in 1850 and attended school there and at Tromso Seminary.

After finishing school in Tromso in 1871, Mr. Almklov was employed with a Doctor's family in Senju, Norway.  He served as a tutor to the children in the morning and worked with the Doctor in the afternoon.  There was no Pharmacy in the community so he prepared the medications they needed and for the doctor's patients.

In June 1874 Mr. Almklov emigrated to the United States at the instigation of an old Professor, Mr. A. Wenaas, who was teaching at the Augsburg Seminary in Minneapolis.  Professor Wenaas interested him in the study of theology and enrolled him in the school.

He completed his studies at Augsburg in 1877.

The same year he was married to Hansina Wadel, daughter of a merchant of Tromso, Norway, and was ordained a pastor in the Benson, Minnesota vicinity where he served several churches for 12 years.

During the years in the Benson Community four children were born to the Almklovs: 

1.     Christian, who died as an infant,

2.     Wadel, Leif, Ruth and Agnes.

It was while in Benson he resumed interest in the studies he left in Norway, prompted by the need for a larger income to support a growing family.

In 1888 he purchased the drug store in Cooperstown, Dakota Territory from Dr. Newell and moved the family here.

The drug store was a small frame building on the main street and served quite well until damaged by fire in 1905.  The building was reconditioned somewhat and moved into the street where business was conducted while the new cement block building was under construction on the old site.

One more son, Sigurd, was born in Cooperstown

The children grew to adulthood, finishing school in Cooperstown, and continued to further accomplishments.

As the years passed and the family grew up Mrs. Almklov's health slowly became more critical and this kindly, devout and loving little lady died in the autumn of 1933.

The elder son, Wadel, lost his sight while still in high school but continued his education until he received his Bachelor of Arts and a Law Degree from the University of North Dakota.

At 93 years Wadel is presently a resident at Griggs County Hospital.

Leif was graduated with a degree in Medicine from Hamline University, St. Paul, and practiced Medicine in Cooperstown from 1906 until retirement 1951.  He moved to California where his son, John R. had established a practice in medicine.  Leif and his wife both died in California.

Ruth, the elder daughter, was married to Andrew Hoel who was associated with the Hannaford Mercantile.  They lived in Hannaford until Mr. Hoel became auditor for the First National Bank of Cooperstown.  They were the parents of a son, Norman and a daughter Bernice.  Ruth died in 1918.

Agnes went on to nurses training and was graduated from the Deaconess Hospital Nurses Training program.  She was married to William G. Cook and later moved to St. Paul, Minnesota.  They were the parents of a son, William A. Cook.  Mrs. Cook died quite suddenly from a heart attack.

Sigurd operated one of his father's farms until he moved to Fargo where he was employed until his retirement.  He continued to reside in Fargo until his death.

In addition to the Pharmacy, Mr. S. Almklov was stockholder and director of the First National Bank of Cooperstown.  He had acquired several farms and operated these land holdings until retirement in 1935 (at age 85).

There are three grandchildren: 

1.     Norman Hoel, Cooperstown, North Dakota

2.     William A. Cook, St. Paul, Minnesota

3.     Dr. John R. Almklov, Bakersfield, California

There are also seven great-grandchildren and six great - great-grand - children.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 56


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