Farmers Oil Company

Farmers Oil Company was organized April 5, 1932 with the following Board of Directors: 

Harry Kolpin, Alfred O. Retzlaff, Bjorn Fuglestad, Nels J. Thune, M. J. Leininger, R. H. Pratt, and Theo Stone.  Omud Soma replaced M. J. Leininger when he became manager.

Theo Stone became manager June 27, 1932.  In 1946, Roy Ashland became manager, and on January 1, 1950, Robert W. Baker assumed this position and currently holds this position.  The present Board of Directors are: 

President, Carroll Retzlaff, Secretary- Treasurer, Arnold Sola, E. H. Ellefson, John E. Erickson, Irwin Froiland, Jorgen Soma, and Erling Lunde replacing Vice President, Leonard Anderson.

Directors serving over twenty years were Arnold Sola, Clarence Edland and Alfred Retzlaff.  Employees serving over thirty years are Archie Flick and Quentin Dahl.

Gross sales in 1932 - $13,690.47

Gross Sales in 1974 - $4,372,124.98

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976  Page 90

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