Torval Fosholdt

Torval Fosholdt was born November 13, 1874, in Hedalen, Norway.  He immigrated with his parents in 1881, settling in Mitchell County, Iowa.  The next year they moved to North Dakota, the parents, with sons, Torval, John, Ole, and daughter Sigrid who later was married to Martin Wold.  Torval was the youngest of the family.  The mother passed away in 1888.

Torval homesteaded on land near Charlson, in McKenzie County, North Dakota, in 1903, and had a cattle ranch there.  He returned to his parents' home in 1906.  On July 8, 1908, he was united in marriage to Sophia Gunderson by Reverend J. M. Jenson.

They built up a farm in Tyrol Township where they lived until his death, August 11, 1911.  Besides being a rancher and farmer, Torval was also a photographer, and took many excellent pictures.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 64

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