Griggs County Hospital-Nursing Home Auxiliary

Griggs County Hospital-Nursing Home Auxiliary

In 1949, two years before the hospital's opening, the Griggs County Hospital Auxiliary was organized with the avowed aim "to promote best health facilities in the county, raise funds for support, assist in the financial side of the work at any time and to choose furnishings for rooms.”

Mrs. A. C. Loder was elected president, Mrs. William Phelps vice president, Mrs. Thomas Boe secretary and Mrs. Oscar Idsvoog treasurer.

In the years since that time the auxiliary has adopted a variety of projects and has done a great deal of volunteer work.  One regular task was the making of surgical sponges, a project that was discontinued in 1975 because of changing hospital regulations.

The auxiliary has purchased a great variety of items for the hospital and has undertaken an equally varied list of projects to pay for the purchases.

At present the annual ice cream social is the main money-raiser.

In 1972, after the opening of the nursing home, the group reorganized as the Griggs County Hospital and Nursing Home Auxiliary with emphasis on direct volunteer service to the residents of the nursing home as well as the purchase of needed items in the hospital and nursing home.  Both men and women are eligible to join.

Many of the charter members of the original auxiliary are still active in the organization.

At this time Mrs. Willis Nilson is president and Mrs. Larry Hinschberger is vice president and chairman of the project committee.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 54


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