Paul Hagen

Paul and Marilyn Hagen came to Cooperstown from Glenwood, Minnesota in 1966 with their five children: 

1.     Pamela, Vicki, Judy, Jerald and Kathy.

Paul was born and raised at Glenwood, Minnesota on a farm.  Marilyn was born and raised near Estherville, Iowa.

The winter and spring of 1974 Gustavo Kronawetter from Asuncion Paraguay stayed with the Hagens and went to the Cooperstown school as a sophomore.  He was 16 shortly after he came here.

Paul has an insurance agency in Cooperstown.  He had his office in his home until he rented the former Duffy law office for one year before buying it in the fall of 1970.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 65

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