Isaac and Ingrid Johnson

Isaac Johnson was born February 13, 1856, in Vaage, Gudbrandsdalen, Norway.  He immigrated to the United States in August 1906 with his wife Ingrid and his four young unmarried daughters:

1.     Ella (Mrs. Arndt Taxdahl),

2.     Paulina (Lina) (Mrs. Adolph Larson),

3.     Jurgina (Gina) (Mrs. Christian Rustad), and

4.     Hannah (Mrs. Thomas Vormedal). 

Another daughter, Anna, had died in Norway at the age of 14 years. 

A son, Syvert, had come eighteen years earlier, in 1888, at the age of eight years with his grandparents, John I. and Anna Sevenson Johnson. 

Isaac was the oldest of seven children born to John I. and Anna Sevenson Johnson. 

His brothers and sisters were: 

1.     Anna (Mrs. Oliver Thorson),

2.     Carrie (Mrs. Ed.  Barnes),

3.     Andrew of Riverside Township, Steele County,

4.     Mary (Mrs. Ole Bakke),

5.     Annie (died quite young), and

6.     Ole of Hannaford, North Dakota and later Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Ingrid Ofsteng was born on September 25, 1855, in Vaage, Gudbrandsdalen, Norway to Paul and Ella Hagen Ofsteng.  She had one brother and three sisters.  None of her family - parents or brother and sisters came to America.

After coming to America, Isaac and his family bought a home and settled in Cooperstown - the far southwest comer of the city.  Isaac was employed by the city Street Department for many years until the death of his wife in 1927 when he went to live with his daughter Ella in Helena Township, where he died in 1928.

Paulina (Mrs. Adolph Larson) born December 19, 1886 lives with a daughter in Bend, Oregon and Jurgina (Mrs. Christian Rustad) born April 20, 1890 lives at Lakeridge Health Care Center, St. Paul, Minnesota.  Hannah (Mrs. Thomas Vormedal) born September 6, 1892, died in 1972 in Anaconda, Montana, Ella (Mrs. Arndt Taxdahl) born January 30, 1883, died in 1965 at Valley City, North Dakota.  All of these women were preceded in death by their husbands.  Syvert born October 7, 1880, married Thorbjorg Kalvik in 1919.  He died in 1936 in Hannaford, North Dakota and his wife died in 1938.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 70

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