The Nelson Family

In 1900 the population of Cooperstown officially was 648.  By 1910 it had increased to 1019.  Part of the increase was due to the arrival of several of the Nelsons who came to Cooperstown from Horace, North Dakota in the early 1900's.

Henry, the oldest, and Martin found work as clerks in a grocery store.  Victor was the local depot agent.  Joe became a printer and Ida and a friend opened a millinery shop.

The older brothers rented a house for their younger brothers and sisters.  There were Ella, Esther, Nora, Ted, Bert and Floyd.  Mabel was brought up in her uncle John's home in Horace.

Several members of the family played musical instruments and were much in demand for dances and parties.

None of the girls lived in Griggs County after they grew up.

Henry married Mildred Richardson who was one of the telephone operators.  In 1910 they homesteaded in Montana but returned to Griggs County in 1918 and spent the rest of their lives here.  They had two children.

Victor married Margaret Neary.  They had one son, Picky (Vic Jr.).  Vic became postmaster and stayed in Cooperstown till the middle twenties.

Joe married Bessie Simpson.  They had four sons.  Joe spent all his working years in Chicago.

Martin was the only one to serve in the army.  He was in service on the front lines in France during World War I.  He married Agnes Lenhardt.  They had two children.

Ted married Ann Swanson.  They had one son, James.  Floyd was a mail carrier till his retirement.  Floyd was married twice - the second time to Hazel Haaland.

Bert married Ann Stone.  They had two children.  Martin, Bert and Henry all served as County Treasurer.

Space will not permit the inclusion of the second and third generations.  These twelve brothers and sisters accounted for thirty-one children, who now have children and grandchildren of their own.

Of the twelve brothers and sisters, at this writing, Bert, the last brother, has just passed away and only three sisters

Esther, Ella and Mabel are still with us.

Henry's daughter, Marian, who is Mrs. Theo. Stone and her son Ricky and family are at present the only Nelson descendants living here.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 74

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