Julius and Julia B. Stevens


Julius Stevens and his wife, Julia B. Stevens, were both early business owners in Cooperstown.

The hardware store of Stevens and Enger, which had been at Mardell previously, was moved to Cooperstown and opened for business here in January, 1883, the second retail business (Odegaard and Thompson was first) established in Cooperstown.

About the time his Cooperstown store was opening, Julius Stevens made a trip to Lanesboro, Minnesota, and was married there to Julia Boleta Iverson, sister of his partner's wife, Mrs. Anton (Anna) Enger.  Julius Stevens was later in the banking business here as well.

Julia Stevens was only 27 when her husband died in 1889.  Faced with the responsibility of providing for her four children, she opened a millinery shop and later expanded the business with a line of women's and children's ready-to-wear clothing.  She continued in business until her death in 1916.

Mrs. Stevens was actively involved in community affairs as well as rearing her children and managing her business.  A charter member of the Cooperstown Lutheran church, she took the initiative in organizing, in 1889, the Ladies Aid society of the church, and served as its president for ten years.  The society had as its goal the building of a Lutheran church in Cooperstown, a project which, it is said, "Mrs. Stevens aided very materially in accomplishing."  She was described as "a motherly woman, interested in all which has a tendency to make the community better, an able business woman, active and successful in her chosen career."

The Stevens children were: 

Ida Marie Evenson, Oliver, Leo and Frederick.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976  Page 80

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