Elinder Antonsen Family

Elinder and Anna Antonsen came to Hannaford in 1907 from Sweden.  They located on Anna's uncle's farm about one mile east of Hannaford in Greenfield Township.  This farm belonged to John Brekke.  They rented the place for a few years, but later purchased the farm.  They lived here until 1928, when they moved to Plentywood, Montana where Elinder worked as a Carpenter.

During this stay on the farm four children were born, three boys and one daughter.

They are: 

1.     Erick, now living in Plentywood, Montana

2.     Eugene is living in Boise, Idaho

3.     and LeRoy in Wolf Paint, Montana.

Their daughter, Mrs. Mae Stone, is living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Anna Antonsen passed away in April 1973, but Elinder Antonsen is still living in Plentywood, Montana.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 126

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