Oscar Ashland

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Ashland came to Hannaford November 27, 1919 and lived in the house then owned by Malena Aasen later known as the elevator house.  In 1920 they bought a 14-room home formerly used as a hotel and rooming house.

Oscar worked in the signal tower - Section and coal chute for 20 years.  He was known as the handy fix it man around town by all ages, and Margaret was known for her seamstress work and cutting hair on Saturdays.

One incident many may remember was when there was a dangerous ice jam down by the Great Northern powerhouse and Oscar was hired to dynamite this.  He crawled out on the top of this to set off the dynamite with ropes around his waist to aid the men in pulling him back to safety when it exploded.  Several who witnessed this said he was in danger getting back to the bank before it went off - time was running short.

In 1945 they bought the Omund Westley home where they yet reside.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 127

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