Ralph Bailey

Ralph Bailey took over as agent for the Great Northern Railroad in March of 1948.  In June, his wife moved from Ayr where she had been teaching.

On June 30, 1949, their oldest daughter, Pamela, was born in Valley City.  They have another daughter, Penny, born March 18, 1952.  Both children were baptized in the Hannaford Lutheran Church by Reverend Roy Gilbertson.  Pamela attended first grade in Hannaford with Mrs. Loge as her teacher.

Ralph held the agent's job for nine years before transferring to Minot in 1956.  Ralph commuted to Hannaford and worked as agent, living in the old depot for three years after that (1958-1960).

Lester Larson, Section Foreman and Ralph Bailey, Depot Agent - 1959.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 127

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