Markus Bakken

Life for the Markus Bakken family began in Hannaford in the early 1900's coming from his native land, Norway and met Anna Sabbe, of Bergen, Norway who at this time was the gourmet chef of the famous Hannaford Hotel.  Markus worked as a carpenter and constructed many homes and buildings in the area.  He worked much of the time with Oscar Ouren.  The lives of others were often improved by his interest and assistance in community projects and he was very active in city government.  Throughout the years he was deputy policeman and fireman.  Many hours of pleasure were enjoyed by the community from the ski slide and slope, which he instigated and helped construct along with the help of Rasmussens and others.  He was an ace jumper himself and many tournaments were promoted in Hannaford.  He taught Arthur and other boys the art of jumping also and participated in tournaments here and many other cities as well.  All the while Mother Bakken sat home worrying and praying.  Fishing and hunting were his pleasures and Arthur and John enjoyed these with him.  Of course don't forget J. B. 's Pool Room.  Markus was a sharpy at cards.  Anna and Markus were naturalized citizens.  He gave much enthusiasm for life to his four children: 

Arthur (1912), Myrtle (1914), Thelma (1916), and then came the ever-lovable "Bucky Boy", John Allen in 1929 who participated in all athletic activities at Hannaford High School.  After four years in the United States Air Force, with one year in Japan, he attended North Dakota State University and graduated from Moorhead State College.  John settled in Hannaford to teach and coach and is currently here enjoying the hunting and fishing.  Judy, his- wife, has been active in the community and with American Legion Auxiliary work.

Thel, the chubby, mischievous, twinkle eyed, (Markus' pet) was active in sports, basketball and cheerleading.  (Remember those half time performances in the 1930's through '34).  And what about those swim meets in the old creek.  (Mother designed her first suit from Dad's old underwear, - at least it covered).  Growing up with "Ingy" as her buddy for many years and pal Mabel are not forgotten.  Thelma now resides in Pennsylvania after a varied career in hairdressing, hospital service and 10 years as city clerk in Florida.  Two children: 

Mark and Fay, reside in Geneva, New York.

Myrt, always studious and intellectually busy, and with a quiet humor attended college in Valley City and spent a few years teaching before Claude convinced her he needed her to tend his turkeys on the farm near Walum.  Myrtle was also substitute Post Mistress in Walum and very active in church projects.  Their two children, Carol of San Juan Capistrano, California and Claudia of Luverne are both married.

Arthur, a strong athlete was successful in basketball, swimming and diving, ski jumping and baseball as a catcher, and played along with the great pitcher Tunney Schmidt.  After Graduation in 1930 he took up carpentry.  He moved to Crookston, Minnesota with his devoted wife Lena, where two boys were raised.  (Ronald of Sacramento, California and David of Clinton, Minnesota)  Art worked for Ziegler Caterpillar Company of Crookston for nearly 30 years of his life, which ended in September of 1974.  Lena now resides in Clinton, Minnesota

Markus ended his career in Hannaford as one of the most able maintenance men of the Hannaford Schools.  He just didn't make the last fishing trip and slept away on July 26, 1958 at 71 years of age.  His wife Anna preceded him and passed away on November 5, 1957 at 75.  She had spent her life doing good and caring for others.  Guess everyone remembers how thunderstorms frightened her.  She even hid in the basement of Art Johnston's service station once.  Now that's all there is and as the song goes - H. H. S. we love the Hannaford High.  It was a great life.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 127

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