Andrew Benson Family

The farm located four miles south and one-half mile west of Cooperstown, was homesteaded by Andrew Benson.  He came here in 1881.  The land is still owned and operated by the third, fourth, and fifth generation.  Andrew was born in Bergen, Norway, November 12, 1831.  He married Johanna Standal while in Norway.  Johanna was born in Norway, January 14, 1828.  They came to America and lived in Decorah, Iowa, for about six years.  Deciding to leave Iowa, they journeyed northward to Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota.  Andrew and his family then decided to leave Minnesota and came by covered wagon and oxen in 1881 to the present farm.  Here they settled, built a house, and started farming.

They had six children: 

  1. Berent, born January 11, 1863 - died February 8, 1886 in Oregon
  2. Andrew Jr., born April 10, 1865 - died September 7, 1907 in Washington
  3. Gjert, born October 1866 - died November 18, 1866 in Oregon
  4. John, born March 8, 1869 - died July 26, 1942 at his farm home
  5. Bertha, born April 11, 1871 - died January 2, 1912, in Washington
  6. Sophie, born January 3, 1873 in Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota - died, May 9, 1887.  She was the first one to be buried in the Union Cemetery, south of Cooperstown.

As time passed, a place of worship was needed.  Andrew was a member of the group that met and decided to build the Union Church.  He was the first member to show up for work the day construction began on June 1, 1895.

On September 29, 1898, Andrew sold the land to his son, John.  A year later in September of 1899, Andrew and Johanna left and went to Ferndale, Washington.  Here they bought an acre of land and lived there until they passed away.  Johanna died January 2, 1907

Andrew died April 22, 1915.  They are both buried at Ferndale, Washington.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 195

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