The Davidson Family

Our father, Robert Davidson, was born in Canada of Scottish parents in 1882.  Mother was born in Iowa of English parents in 1884.  Both families moved to Wadena, Minnesota and settled on neighboring farms.  There they grew to man and womanhood and were married in 1901.  Soon after three children were born at Wadena: 

Lucille, Vivian, and Kenneth.  They moved to Roseau, Minnesota where Dad and his brother Will operated a mill.  Dad also worked in lumber camps after discontinuing the mill business.  In 1909 we moved to Barnes County, North Dakota and farmed for many years till the depression of '29 hit.  Dad gave up farming as the boys were old enough to get out and into a trade or business of their own.  Dad went into the meat business and Harold Dick, Bill, and Butch also became butchers and meat cutters.  Dad in Luverne for a while and then to Hannaford and with the help of the boys ran a meat market and grocery store for some time.  Failing health forced him to quit.  Donald (Dick) went into meat business in Dazey for a short time, came to Ada and worked several years for A. R. Herman as "meat man".  Dad, Butch, and Margaret also worked there.  Dick, after 8 years at the Herman Market, moved to Bottineau where he operated and owned his own Meat Processing Plant, a Gamble Store, and had interests also in a grocery store.

We were a family of 14 children - 13 single births and Roland (Butch) was one of twins.  The line-up:

1.     Lucille born February 20, 1902 - married Charles Anthony

2.     Vivian born March 18, 1903 - married Emil Strom (both are now in nursing home in North Bend, Oregon)

3.     Kenneth born December 5, 1904 - died August 3, 1966

4.     Harold born February 12, 1905 - living in Oregon

5.     Donald born September 12, 1907 - living in Oregon

6.     Vernon born December 18, 1910 - died January 15, 1969

7.     William born January 6, 1911 - living in Oregon

8.     Wayne born April 3, 1913 - died in infancy at 6 weeks of age

9.     Roland born March 6, 1915 - died December 25, 1964

10.  Russel born March 6, 1915 - died April 3, 1915

11.  Raymond born February 6, 1909 - died Aug., 1966, Margaret born April 7, 1916 - died June 30, 1967

12.  Ida Larraine born January 6, 1918 - died October 7, 1922

13.  Berniece born October 1, 1920 - 1508 Main Fargo, North Dakota

14.  Betty Jane born December 14, 1922 - died December 3, 1960

15.  Robert Davidson (father) born February 22, 1881 - died May 5, 1950

16.  Pearl Edna (mother) born April 3, 1884 - died May 11, 1965.

Harold, Bill, and Roland all served in WW II.  Harold in the European sector, Bill in the medical care in India, and Roland in Africa.  They all returned safe and no injuries.  Harold married Marie Nelson from South Dakota, who was working in Hannaford at that time.  While in Ada, Dick married Helen Breving from Twin Valley, Minnesota.  While stationed in Georgia, Bill married Christine Bassett.  They live in Eugene, Oregon.  Vernon married Constance Neagle from Luverne.  Raymond, Kenneth, and Roland never married.  Margaret married Ingvald Lyngby in Hannaford.  Vivian married Emil Strom from Oregon.

Dad and Mother worked very hard and provided us with all the necessities required.  I can still see the 1820 loaves of bread piled to cool on the old kitchen table and smell homemade soup or baking beans as we came home from school.  So God Bless my dear parents for their many sacrifices made for us.

Lucille, Harold, Dick, and Bill graduated from high school at Baldwin Cons.  Margaret, Berniece, and Roland from Hannaford High.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 131

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