Laurence Erickson

Laurence Erickson was depot agent and telegrapher on the Great Northern railroad in Hannaford and Karnak.

We moved to Hannaford, June 30, 1938, from Doubin, North Dakota when I was sixteen years old.  Our family (Mr. and Mrs. Laurence N. Erickson, Doris, Ina, Vivian, and Merna) lived in Asher Anderson's home with Asher and Paddy for a short time, then moved into the now Mr. and Mrs. John Brun's home while waiting for Kenneth Enstads to move so we could have their home to live in.  Doris graduated from Hannaford High School in 1939, Ina in 1941, Vivian 1943, and Merna in 1945.

Ina and Doris took first place in a piano duet and went to the State music contest in Grand Forks, North Dakota the spring of 1939.

Doris married Bruce Ashland in 1944, a Navy pilot (Ensign) during WW II and had four boys and two girls.  The two girls passed away a short time after their births.  They now live in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ina married Leonard (Curley) Haugen in 1948.  They have no children and live in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

Vivian married Vernon Kinn in 1946.  They had four boys.  They're divorced and she remarried Mac McGlaughlin.  They live in Pennsylvania at present.

Merna married Herman Hareland in 1945.  They had three girls.  Their second girl drowned two years ago.  (1973) They live at Wahpeton, North Dakota

Mr. L. N. Erickson passed away in 1953 and Mrs. Erickson (Goldie) passed away in 1957.

Father loved hunting and always had a dog, which he took with him during the hunting season, and he would get his limit of birds most of the time.  Mother picked the feathers from ducks and saved them for making feather pillows.  She also made quilts and lined them from carded lamb's wool, which she sent to a woolen mill for making wool bats.

Ina is City Clerk for the city of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota Doris works at Cambridge State Hospital with the handicapped, profoundly retarded as an HDSS (Human Developmental Services Specialist) instructing the basics of Speech and Language.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 132

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