Albin Forsberg

Albin Forsberg and his wife, Hilda, left Stockholm, Sweden the early summer of 1881 for South Hampton, England, to visit with Hilda's brother, John Pousette, who was a sea captain.  Then leaving South Hampton, England, a few weeks later for Montreal, Canada, where they had thought some about making their home, but then changing their mind because Albin Forsberg's two brothers, John and Gustov Forsberg had 2 years earlier arrived at Chicago in July 1879.  Then working their way west, and finally arriving in Griggs Company from Minnesota with the Lars Johnsons, July 4th 1881, so this beckoned Albin and Hilda Forsberg to come to America.  They arrived in New York City July 1882 then onward west coming to Valley City then arriving in Griggs Company January 11 1883.

After coming here they worked the remainder of the winter for Arne Lokkeson who lived down by the Sheyenne River.  Then in the spring of 18H Albin and Hilda Forsberg located on the land nine miles south of Cooperstown Section 2 NE Range 59 Township 144.  Where they built their first house, half the house was dug into the hillside for protection and shelter from the wind and storms.  The first barn was built by the same manner possibly dug in the side of the hill.

In this first house is where Charlotte Forsberg was born the 9th of June 1885, perhaps the first girl born in Greenfield Township.  Albin and Hilda Forsberg had two girls born in Stockholm, Sweden, (1877) Ida Ingeborg "Forsberg" (1879) Mrs. Anna Forsberg (1879) Mrs. Paul Troseth.

Charlotte Forsberg born in 1889, Greenfield Township.  Alfred Forsberg 1890 - deceased 1891.  Albert Forsberg 1896 deceased 1896.  And Minnie Forsberg, Mrs. Edwin Pousette.  Albin Forsberg in 1888 acquired more land, Section 1 NW quarter and Section 1 NW quarter and Section 3 NE quarter Range 59 Township 144.  Also back in 1883 Albin Forsberg donated five acres of land to the Union Church and Cemetery.  This was from Section 2.

Albin and Hilda Forsberg farmed but in later years rented the farm but continued to live there their remaining years.  Hilda Forsberg died first, on December 6, 1931 at the age of 80.

Albin Forsberg died on October 12, 1936, age 85.  Both are buried at the Union Cemetery.  It is also known that in 1883 before the Union Church was built the Forsberg farm was built into the Hillside in such a manner one could slide over the hay mound door and walk directly in from the hillside enabling them to have Sunday Church services and also Ladies Aid.  This they did through the late summer and fall of 1883.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 132

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