Milford Gronneberg

Milford Gronneberg, son of Mr. and Mrs. Crist Gronneberg, was born and raised in Mabel Township He lived at home until he married Sylvia Johnson of Bottineau, North Dakota, on December 29th, 1946.  They made their home in Dover Township on a farm.  Then in November 1965, they purchased the house formerly known as the "Angus House" from Micky Almklovs.  Milford and Sylvia have a family of five.  Duane is an employee of the Fargo Post Office.  Gary, a student of the University of Minnesota Law School, is married and living in Minneapolis.  Marlys, recently married to Mark Brown, is living in Hannaford.  Mark is an employee of the Security State Bank.  Mavis, a teacher, will be at Beulah, North Dakota, teaching Biology and girls Phy.  Ed.  All are graduates of Hannaford High School.  Ronald is at home helping with farming and will be a Sr. at Hannaford High.  Milford still farms 8 miles west of Hannaford.  Sylvia works part-time at Stri-King Lanes Cafe.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 133

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