H. H. Groven

Halvor H. Groven, a younger brother of E. H. Groven, came to Hannaford in the early 1890's.  In 1893 he was in the implement business with his brother selling and trading horses, all kinds of farm implements such as drills, harrows, mowers, rakes, buggies, carts, wagons and whatever was needed.

Sophie Storli, the youngest sister of Alice Storli Groven, was born in Lakeville, Minnesota, January 24, 1877.  Upon their mother's death she came to stay and help at her sister's home when she was 16 years of age.  It was here she met Halvor Groven.  They were married in the East Christiania Church in Lakeville, Minnesota where Pastor Quammen had baptized, confirmed and then performed the marriage ceremony for Sophie on September 29, 1898.

Halvor and Sophie came to live on a farm near Walum, which is the Edwin Everson farm today.  They built their house, farmed, and raised cattle.  This house burned to the ground in 1903.  They lost many- wedding gifts they had stored in barrels in the cellar.  A house was moved in from the Halvor Johnson farm as they had just completed building their new home.  Later they sold the farm and moved to Hannaford.  Halvor built the house now owned by the Gerald Andersons.  A few years later he went from farming to grain buying at Walum.  At first he commuted to his work, but then sold the house in Hannaford and built another in Walum.

When a general merchandise business became available in Walum, Halvor with the assistance of his brother E. H. became manager of the Walum Store.  This was sold to Andrew Wogsland in 1910 and H. H. returned to farming for the next 3 years.  The desire to own his own land again started him to explore possibilities in Montana.  He filed on a claim 40 miles north of Chinook, Montana and moved there in April 1914.  He had a ranch on which he had range cattle.  In addition he was postmaster in the country post office he called Norheim.  He also kept a small grocery store for the convenience of his neighbor ranchers.

Mrs. Groven had taken music lessons as a young girl in Lakeville, Minnesota.  Besides caring for her family she gave music lessons and was church organist both in Hannaford and Walum.

They had seven children. 

The eldest died in 1902 at 21/2 years of age.  The others were Inez, Mrs. John Betz, deceased

Orvin, unmarried and living near Chinook, Montana

Alice, Mrs. Rudy Bakken, Seattle, Washington

Harold, Atle and Ernest who with their families are living in the Seattle area.

H. H. retired from active work in 1934 and moved to Chinook where he passed away in 1941.  Sophie died in 1949.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 page 134

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