Hannaford Banks

The first bank in Hannaford was organized in June 1902 and was located in Sinclair's Store together with the Langlie Drug Store.  H. A. Langlie was the cashier

A. M. Sinclair and N. G. Eggen were directors.  Jas.  Sinclair purchased Mr. Langlie's share in December 1903.  This bank was called the Hannaford State Bank and moved into its new quarters in the stone building in October of 1904.  Today this building is Hannaford's post office.

In November 1904 the Griggs County State Bank was organized and this was located in the offices of S. H. Berg & Company The organizers of this bank were A. H. Berg, S. H. Berg, and A. O. Anderson, who was also the cashier.

Soon after, in February 1905, the Griggs County State Bank increased its capital stock to $25,000 and reorganized as the First National Bank of Hannaford.  In the spring the business of the Hannaford State Bank was also taken over.  The Hannaford State Bank had been closed in previous months.  A. H. Berg was the president, W. S. Hyde vice-president, and A. O. Anderson cashier of the newly organized First National Bank.  It was located in the building of the Hannaford State Bank.

The Farmer's State Bank was organized in March of 1909 and was temporarily located in the International Hotel Property.  That same spring they built the cement block building which today is Ray's Barber Shop.  E. J. Aarestad was president of this bank, O. Stordahl cashier, O. M. Westley assistant cashier and A. M. Eckmann vice-president.

Also in March 1909 the Citizens State Bank was organized with all local stockholders.  They were located in the cement block building just west of the Mercantile, which has now been the telephone building for many years.  Donald Campbell was president, A. O. Anderson vice-president and cashier, O. M. Brunsvold second vice-president, and C. Reite assistant cashier.  This bank did not exist for very long.  It consolidated with the First National Bank in February 1910 and the business was conducted under the name of the First National Bank and in their building.  A. O. Anderson was now president, Donald Campbell and Claus Jackson vice-presidents.

Mr. Angus bought Mr. Stordahl's interest in the Farmer's State Bank in November 1912 and became affiliated with the bank as cashier.  He was still in this bank when it was forced to close in June of 1926.  In December 1926 the First National Bank was also forced to close.  Hannaford was then without a bank until the Security State Bank was opened with A. C. Brown as Cashier in September 1927.  This bank was located in the First National Bank building (our post office in 1975) until 1959 when Mr. Brown built a new bank building, which is serving the residents of Hannaford and surrounding area today.  Officers of Security State Bank are:

 W. O. Brown, president, C. A. Brown, vice-president, John Brown, vice-president, John C. Grover, cashier and Kathleen Grover Erickson, assistant cashier.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 116

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