Hannaford Enterprise

John B. Arbogast, a native of Virginia was the first publisher and editor of the Hannaford Enterprise.  He was the editor of the Free Press at McHenry before coming to Hannaford and went on to publish other newspapers after leaving Hannaford.

The first issue of the Hannaford Enterprise was published May 24, 1904 and was issued every Tuesday thereafter.  A year's subscription was $1.50.  Mr. Arbogast continued in the business until June 1905 when he sold out to I. A. Kampen and Paul A. Anderson, brothers.  A few years later Mr. Kampen sold his interest to George C. Epler.  In 1913 Paul Anderson purchased Mr. Epler's interest in the business and became the sole owner.  Mr. Anderson continued as publisher and editor until his death in 1928.  I. A. Kampen then returned to Hannaford and published the paper together with Paul's wife, Emelia, until it was sold in October of 1935 to the Griggs County Publishing Company of Cooperstown.  A month later the Hannaford Commercial Club acquired the property and sold it to H. A. Gifford and Kenneth Enstad, instructors in the Hannaford Public School.  However, two weeks later, the Commercial Club again became owner of the business.  In December of 1935 H. C. Burk of Grace City, North Dakota made a deal with the Commercial Club whereby he became owner of the newspaper property and editor-publisher of the Hannaford Enterprise.  Mr. Burk was with the Enterprise until March 1940, when Bremen I. Johnson came to be the editor for the next year.  In July of 1941 Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Patrick became editor and publisher and remained until September 23, 1948 when the last issue of the Hannaford Enterprise came off the press.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 117

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