Hannaford School

The first schoolhouse for the children in the Hannaford area was built in May 1884 on the Merryman land.  It was located on the SE corner of Section 6-144-59, which is on the west edge of Hannaford - the Louis Larson farm.  Hannah Martin Roberts, Lottie Riley, and Belle Merryman were the first teachers.  School was held for only short periods in the summer and the teacher received $30 a month. 

Among the first pupils were: 

Walter Hemmingsen, Bob Martin, the Ed Olson and Patterson children. 

This building was later moved into the village of Hannaford and eventually was used for a home.  Mr. and Mrs. Bill Anundson live in it today.  The second school building was built by C. H. Johnson in 1898 and was built as a one-room structure.  In 1900 a partition was put in to provide for two teachers.  The comment was made that now the building was spoiled for church meetings.  This school stood where the Lutheran church stands today.  The women of the church bought it in 1909 and used it for their activities until the present church was built in 1950.  In 1949 in preparation for building the church, the "Ladies Hall" was sold to Donald Knauss and he moved it uptown a block east of where it stood and used it for an appliance store.  Later it was used as a cafe and today it is the American Legion Hall.

The cement block school, which is the high school building today, was built in 1907 at a cost of $11,000.  Ludvig Hareland was the contractor.  Hannaford Special School District came into being at the same time.  In 1926 a two room wood building was built south of the school to alleviate crowded conditions.  This was considered a temporary building and cost $6000.  The lower grades were in this building.  Prior to this, the Ladies Hall or old school building had again been used temporarily for school classes.

In 1936 a community hall was built uptown and used for town and school activities.  This was the school gymnasium and used for all basketball games, etc.  In 1958 a new cement block grade school building was attached to the main school building.  The little building was then used for music and shop classes.  School reorganization took place in 1959 and the surrounding school districts became a part of the Hannaford School District.  School bus service, as we know it today started then too.

A gymnasium attached to the school was built in 1968.  This addition also provided a kitchen and dining room for the hot lunch program, furnace room and music facilities.  This left only shop classes for the little building.

Miss Minnie Anderson began teaching in the commercial department of the high school in 1934.  She taught in the Hannaford School system until 1973.  During the years of World War II she was also superintendent.

Members of the faculty in 1974-75 were Dale Donat, Superintendent, Roger Stokka, John Bakken, James Dietz, Richard Cole, DelWayne Zachrison, Louise Laber, Debra Dreier, Mrs. Gilbert Haugen, Mrs. Richard Vogel, Mrs. Mark Hill, and Mrs. Lester Steiner.  Mrs. John Bakken was a teacher's aid in the grades.  Custodian was James Donahue.  Mrs. Lloyd Hareland and Mrs. Algot Aalgaard were in charge of the hot lunch program.

Members of the Board of Education were Roger Nilsen, Alvin Ramsey, Donald Larson, Allan Stokka and Lloyd Smith.  John C. Grover was the clerk and W. O. Brown the treasurer.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976  Page 113

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