Hannaford Ski Slope

Peder Falstad (a national skier) formerly of Devils Lake fostered the ski sport while living in Hannaford.  In 1924, the ski slide was erected on the top west bank of Bald Hill Creek.  Erection of slide was sponsored by local American Legion at a cost of $600.

Peder Falstad and Chuck Cole both affiliated in the AFC Garage in Hannaford (A is 1st letter of third partner Austad) erected the slide.

The steel Section of slide was the John J. Haugens' (pioneer farmer) windmill brought into town by Sections and put together again.  a platform was built on top and slide built on down to make the jump.

During the years several tournaments were held each year.  The tournaments drew hundreds of people to watch.  Early skiers were: 

Peder Falstad, National Skier, Hannaford, Casper Oimem, National Skier from Oslo, Norway and local participants.

During the years community participants also included: 

Marcus Bakken, Ole Kalvik, Helmer Rasmussen, Philip Schmidt, Sid and Lloyd Hareland, Otto Olson, Alf Kalvik, Gordon Olson, Oswald Kalvik, Pete Kalvik and many others.  Russell and Harry Richardson performed clown skiing.


Peter Falstad won first among 33 contestants and also prize for longest standing jump at Fargo Ski Tournament.


Art Bakken, Otto Olson and Alf Kalvik attended a tournament in Mayville.

In about 1936-37, a tournament was held for local people.  Ole Kalvik and his three boys took four places in their classes as follows: 

1) Men's: 

Ole Kalvik, 1st place

2) 2nd class, Alf Kalvik, 1st place

3) 3rd class, Oswald Kalvik, 1st place

4) 4th class, Pete Kalvik, 1st place.

Gordon Olson furnished this bit of tournament news - he placed 2nd in the 4th class division.

1950 ski tournament was one of the last tournaments to be held in Hannaford: 

Some recognized skiers are: 

Art Bakken, John Bakken, Alf Kalvik.  Others were from Kathryn, Devils Lake, Fordville, Oslo, Minnesota and other towns.

In 1960 the entire slide was taken down as there was no longer anyone interested in this sport.  The slide deteriorated and became a hazard for children who still liked to climb to the top.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 page 1

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