Henry Harris

Henry (Hank) Harris, Proprietor and owner in front of Standard Oil Station pumps.  Hank purchased the Station from An Johnston.  In the background and to the right is the huge gasoline tank from which Hank pumped gasoline by hand into a smaller tank.  Early morning risers would see Hank pumping hard for his day's supply at the station.  Before Hank purchased the station, he was a bulk agent for same company, using a team of horses to haul gas to various places until the gasoline trucks took over the horse-power.  Hank came to Hannaford in 1916.  Henry was an outstanding man both in personality, business, and size.  He died in April 1975.

Elgar Paulson purchased the Standard Station from Hank, December 1, 1967.  Hank was a Standard dealer for 47 years, 18 years as bulk dealer and 29 years as a station operator.

B. Marvin Ouren began working for Standard Oil as Bulk agent in Hannaford in 1942, and retired after 25(plus) years in the summer of 1968.  For a short time during those years, he had two gas trucks operating.  In the winter seasons, along with his oil truck work, he also repaired furnaces after taking a course of instruction in it.  He was active in community affairs, serving as mayor of the town for many years.  He and his wife Lillian now live in Reno, Nevada.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 121


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