Mervin J. Armstrong Post #113

Markus Thorson contacted 17 WW I ex-servicemen in November 1919 and they met in his office on November 22, 1919, and applied to the State Department for a charter.  This was approved at Department headquarters in November 1919 and a charter issued at National Headquarters December 23, 1919.  The following officers were elected:

Commander - M. A. Thorson Sergeant at Arms - George Bjor

Vice-Commander - H. H. Hagen Stone

Adjutant - W. A. Eiden Chaplain - O. H. Hoffman Finance Off.  - J. B. Westley

The other members were: 

Soren Krag, Lester Moore, Alfred Swingen, Carl H. Johnson, Bert A. Olson, Peder Falstad, Otelius Aaker, Earl H. Bustrack, Nick C. Cederson, Olaf H. Stafney.  The officers held over in 1920.  The number of the Post was 113, and named after the first war fatality from Hannaford, Mervin J. Armstrong, the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Armstrong.  By the end of 1920 the membership was 32.

In 1923, construction of a ski slide was started.  The new slide was completed by January 8, 1924.

In the years following the completion of the ski slide numerous tournaments were held in Hannaford.  One tournament included a special train secured on the Great Northern from Page to Hannaford.  This train brought 103 skiers and spectators.

The Mervin J. Armstrong Post # 113 has sent at least one boy to Boys' State nearly every year since 1941.

Other activities the Legion has been involved with include improving the swimming area, Jr. Legion Baseball, Boy Scouts of America, and others.

Source page: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 120.

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